10 Rules of Content Writing for Your Roofing Website

Writing effective copy is a vital part of building a strong, professional website, but it can sometimes be difficult to know what separates good copy from bad copy when you’re first starting out. To help clarify this for you, the Summa Media team has compiled a list of 10 rules that all roofers should follow when writing content for their website. Review the list below and let us know if you have any rules to add in the comments!


10 Rules of Content Writing for Your Roofing Website


  • Know Your Audience

When writing content for your website, you need to know your audience in order to craft compelling copy targeted just towards them. Take the time to get into your audience’s mind. 

When writing copy you should always ask yourself:

  • How does my audience think? 
  • How do they make purchasing decisions?
  • What matters to them in their business transactions? 
  • How is this content providing my audience something they need?


  • Keep It Short 

Keep your website content short and to the point. Readers do not have time to scroll endlessly through webpages, reading intricate copy when they are searching for a roofing company to fix a leaky ceiling. Focus on writing what the reader absolutely needs to know and encourage them to contact you for the rest.


  • Use Lists, Headings, and Sub-Headings

Paragraph after paragraph of text that is the exact same size can be a bit hard on a reader’s eyes. To make your content easier to consume, rely on things like lists, headings, sub-headings, and categories as we have done in this article.


  • Incorporate Visuals

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and on your website, that couldn’t be more true. Pictures and infographics on your web pages help by:


  • Keeping the reader entertained
  • Clarifying certain points
  • Boosting your website ranking


  • Avoid Technical Jargon

While you and your team are roofing experts, it is important to remember that your client’s are likely not, that’s why they need your services. Avoid using too much technical roofing jargon in your website content so that the average person can easily read and understand your copy.


  • Strive for Casual, Yet Professional

Website copy does not need to be overly formal, especially in an industry like the roofing industry. Keep your website content conversational, yet professional, meaning that while you may be informal, you still need to avoid slang, grammatical errors, and typos.


  • Choose Attention Grabbing Titles

The title or heading on a webpage is one of the most important things about your copy. If it is not compelling, no one is going to click on it. Try to create a sense of excitement and urgency within your readers when titling your content.


  • Utilize Keywords 

Properly utilizing keywords throughout your website is what will help get you noticed by search engines like Google and Bing. Working with an SEO expert to determine what keywords are directing prospects to your site and your competitor’s will help you know what keywords to use and where to use them.


  • Follow the Inverted Pyramid Method

When reading copy on a website, it is highly unlikely that the reader makes it all the way through a page, this is why the inverted pyramid method is important. The inverted pyramid method requires the copywriter to focus on keeping the most important, must know information at the top of the page, this way the reader gets the information you need them to, before moving on.


  • End With a Call-to-Action

When writing content for your website, the final call-to-action is one a crucial part of your copy. It encourages the reader to take that next step such as calling you, emailing you, or filling out a contact form. If you’re not telling them what they need to do next, what is the point of the rest of the content?

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Effective website copy is a critical component of your overall digital marketing strategy. If you are hoping to craft more compelling content for your website in order to convert more leads, the Summa Media team is here to help. Send us an email to learn more about our service offerings today!

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