Clients often come to Summa Media with the goal of growing their social media following. While we like to emphasize quality over quantity when it comes to follower count with our social media marketing Denver clients, we understand that follower count is a common concern.

While growing your social media following can easily be achieved through bots or paid followers, we recommend focusing on growing your following organically. Fake followers are very obvious to your real ones and having too many of them can actually hurt your social media rankings. There are a few tried and true tactics to grow organically and today the Summa Media team is sharing them with you. Keep reading below to learn the top 10 ways to grow your social media following organically.


1. Post Regularly and Consistently

If growing their follower count is a priority for Summa Media’s social media marketing Denver based clients, we focus on posting regularly and consistently on the channels where growth is desired. Infrequent posts get lost in the shuffle of the other thousands of posts your followers see.

Posting consistently and regularly helps to ensure that your posts are seen. The more your posts are seen the more likely followers are to interact with them and the more followers interact with your posts the more likely they are to be seen. It is a continuous cycle and success begins with consistency.


2. Engage With Your Followers

Engagement is a key piece in Instagram’s algorithm and one of the best ways to encourage engagement is by responding to your followers. If a fan asks a question, leaves a comment, or mentions you in their own post, don’t ignore them! Engage with your followers to boost your algorithm rankings and inspire an authentic connection with your followers.


3. Partner With Influencers

Influencer marketing is everywhere these days and it something your brand should consider leveraging if you are not already. By partnering with influencers and using them to promote your brand you can reach an entirely new and previously unattainable audience.


4. Don’t Rely Solely On Posts

Posting to Instagram and Facebook is certainly important, but so are stories and lives. Stories and lives help you reach a new audience while allowing you to communicate in a different, sometimes more authentic manner.

By working across multiple mediums on social media channels, Summa Media’s social media marketing Denver clients have seen more success than brand’s relying solely on posts.


5. Use Relevant Hashtags

Using (the right) hashtags on Twitter and Instagram can be invaluable to your audience growth potential. Hashtags are searchable phrases and keywords that allow users to find content that is interesting and relevant to them. Using the correct hashtags in your posts allows your content to become discoverable by anyone searching for those phrases.


6. Post At Specific Times

One of the first things the Summa Media team does with our new social media marketing Denver clients is determine what times of day are best to post on their social channels. In order to ensure engagement and activity on your posts, you want to post when your audience is active on social media. Using readily available analytics you can see which days of the week and hours of the day your followers are most active, therefore determining when you should focus on posting.


7. Host Contests and Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to engage your current followers and reach new ones. By hosting a contest where the rules for entry include that in order to win the winner must be following your brand and tag three friends in your giveaway post, you can almost guarantee your post will reach hundreds of new followers.


8. Post Across Multiple Channels

When you share a post on Instagram you have the option to share your posts on your linked platforms at the same time. Although you shouldn’t rely solely on this feature to create content for your other channels, it is a great strategy to help boost exposure and ensure your posts reach more users.


9. Provide Value

The best way to convert a social media visitor to a social media follower is by providing valuable content that they want to see. We like to abide by the 80/20 rule for our social media marketing Denver client’s pages. This means that 80% of the content they share is educational, valuable, or informative to their followers while the remaining 20% can be reserved for self promotion.


10. Use Your Data

In order to successfully grow your social media following, you must leverage the data that is already available to you. Use Instagram and Facebook Analytics to view the statistics on past posts and search for trends. Do certain types of posts receive more engagement than others? Does a certain demographic of followers tend to engage more than another? Use the data that is available to you to better tailor your social media strategy and watch your follower count climb.



If you are struggling to grow your social media following, call the Summa Media team today. Our social media experts are here to help you reach a wider audience, connect with new users, and grow your following organically!

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