The digital marketing world is a huge, ever-evolving field and it can sometimes be tough to navigate. In order to become the best digital marketer you can possibly be, the Summa Media team recommends having a few key tools in your digital marketing toolbox.

Having a strong digital marketing skillset is vitally important in today’s digital age. Not only does having a strong skillset predict general campaign success, it also can help yet you apart when being considered for a new job prospect, an internal promotion, or winning a client bid.

Today, the Summa Media team is sharing 5 essential skills every digital marketer needs to know in 2020. Keep reading below to learn what they are and start building your toolbox.


1. Video Marketing

We have said it before and we will say it again. Video is the absolute king of the digital content world. Content with videos typically receives more engagement from viewers, ranks higher, and leads to increased conversion.

Although you do not need to be a video production expert to be a great digital marketer, it is important to have some basic skills. Consider investing in an online training program to learn video editing basics and know when to call in the professionals.


2. Content Marketing

Digital content is the foundation of digital marketing and at Summa Media we believe that strong content marketing skills are imperative for becoming a successful digital marketer. Content marketing involves not only the creation of the content — including videos, blogs, social media posts, e-books, and more — but the strategy surrounding the content as well.

Good content marketers think not only about the content they put out, but how everything ties together. This means first considering the brand’s overall goals then developing a strong campaign and analyzing data to prove effectiveness.


3. SEO and SEM

The team at Summa Media often finds that SEO and SEM tends to scare a lot of less tech savvy digital marketers. This fear often leads to digital marketing leaders pushing the responsibility onto more technical members of their team while otherwise ignoring it.

While it is absolutely fine — and advisable — to hire more knowledgeable people than you to run this portion of your digital marketing strategy, you should still have a baseline knowledge of how it functions. Understanding the basics and best practices will help you to optimize your entire digital strategy, leading to more longterm success for your brand.


4. Email Marketing

Some people think that email marketing is dead, but at Summa Media we disagree. Not only is email marketing alive and well, it offers one the highest returns on investment.

Many people think that email marketing is simply sending out emails to a customer list, but there is much more that goes on behind the scenes. Email marketing can be a part of an overall strategy to convert new leads, reconnect with previous customers, and keep current customers up to date on your brand’s latest news. Start by building out accurate lists, A/B testing different campaigns, and measuring open and click-thru rates to gauge success.


5. Data and Analytics

Tracking data and running analytics is a vital component in a strong digital marketing strategy. How do you know if your campaigns are effective or not if you are not paying attention to data and measuring results?

While most people know they should be tracking data, many Summa Media clients are often less sure about exactly what data they should be tracking. Focus on defining your businesses goals, aligning them to the campaign, and customizing your key metrics from there.



If you are a digital marketer and struggling with any of these essential skills, don’t panic! It is never too late to start building your digital marketing toolbox and the Summa Media team is here to help. Give us a call today to discuss partnering together to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level.

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