5 Tips for Increasing Your Google Local Search Ranking

Most of the roofing companies the Summa Media team works with are local businesses that serve a very specific area. When this is the case, it is important to think not just about your overall search rankings, but about your local search rankings. It is great if your business ranks well overall, but if you are a roofer serving Denver and Denver only, you don’t really need to worry about a user in Maine discovering you.

That is where local search comes in. You likely use local search frequently in your personal life, searching terms such as “coffee shops near me” or “best coffee San Francisco”. And when you’re searching terms like this, you’re also likely looking for specific information such as their address and hours of operation.

Where your roofing business ranks for local search in your city can have a huge impact on your lead flow and the overall revenue your business brings in. To help improve your local search ranking, the Summa team is sharing our top 5 tips to boost your ranking today!

  • Claim and Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

If you do not claim your Google My Business Listing, the rest of our tips won’t do you much good! Google My Business allows you to create free business listings and is the top factor Google considers when ranking local businesses. 

Start by claiming your listing and entering your business information including, your name, address, coordinates on a map, business category, contact information, and hours of operation. 

Once you have claimed and verified your business, you can then optimize your profile. Do so by sharing updates from your business, posting photos, and responding to reviews.

  • Claim Your Other Business Listings

We noticed that articles discussing how to improve your Google local search ranking often focus only on your Google My Business listing and while that is important, it is not the only listing you need to consider! You must also claim your business listings on third-party sites such as BBB, Yelp, Facebook, and others and keep that information up to date. Failing to do so will not only confuse customers, but may also lead to penalties from Google.

  • Pay Attention to Your Reviews

Prospective customers aren’t the only ones paying attention to your roofing company’s reviews, Google’s algorithms are carefully analyzing them as well. Google will scrape reviews on their own site and other common review sites such as Yelp and Facebook and these reviews will impact your overall ranking.

  • Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

A study by Uberall found that over 80% of participants use their mobile devices to conduct searches for businesses near them. When a user performs a search for something like “roofers near me”, they want to be taken to a mobile friendly website from the results immediately. By creating a mobile friendly site that allows users to easily find the information they need, you will decrease your bounce rate and increase your search ranking.

  • Incorporate Local Keywords in Your Content

When creating content for your website, you want to be sure to include keywords in your content. Keywords such as “Bay Area roof repairs” or “downtown Denver commercial roofing” are great signals to Google that you are providing roofing services for a particular area.

SEO and local SEO are complex topics that can be difficult to teach in one article, but are so vitally important to your company’s success. If you are struggling with your roofing company’s search results, the experts at Summa are here for you. Give our team a call today to learn more about our SEO services today.

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