With businesses across the country halting their brick-and-mortar operations in response to COVID-19, many small and local businesses are turning to the internet in order to stay connected to their customers. For businesses that rely on foot traffic and neighborhood word of mouth, switching to online operations can be a daunting task.

At Summa Media, we have experience working with digital media Denver clients of all sizes with a wide range of needs and budgets to match. To help your brand ramp up your online operations, we are sharing 8 simple ways to reach your customers online during COVID-19. Keep reading below for the no-frills strategies you can begin implementing today.


1. Update Your Google My Business Profile

Your Google My Business profile is the free listing that appears for your business on Google Local Search and Google Maps. It informs clients of your hours of operations, services, and other relevant attributes. Due to the special hours, physical closures, and safety precautions businesses have been forced to implement during this time, this profile is more important than ever. Be sure to update your profile with information such as:

  • Temporary Hours
  • Curbside Pick-Up and Delivery Options
  • Contactless Payment Availability


2. Write Relevant Blog Posts

Although the internet is full of COVID-19 content, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be creating applicable content for your business. At Summa Media, we are working with our digital media Denver clients on content creation that is both on brand and relevant to our current circumstances. For example, an interior designer could share a blog post titled “How to Turn Your Home Into a Calming Sanctuary” or “DIY Decor Ideas” to bring readers valuable, timely information.


3. Take Advantage of the Live Feature

If you have been interested in trying out Facebook or Instagram Live, now is the time! With more people spending time online, Facebook has reported an increase of 50% on Live videos. Facebook and Instagram Lives are a great place to host Q+A sessions, provide free tutorials, or host a product demonstration.


4. Host a Giveaway

At Summa Media, we love working with our digital media Denver clients on giveaways and if you are still fulfilling orders a giveaway is a great way to boost engagement and reach new clients. Consider hosting a giveaway for a basket of samples, a gift card to your business, or a special treat with a valid purchase.


5. Keep Your Posts Positive

Times are tough right now and it can be easy to let negativity seep into your brand’s tone, but the Summa Media team urges our digital media Denver clients and you to avoid that! People need a morale boost and are searching for uplifting content during these times. Keep the tone of your posts positive, authentic, and inspiring during these times.


6. Get Creative with Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get noticed and expand your social media reach. Although there are a ton of COVID-19 related hashtags floating around, try focusing in hashtags that are specific to your location or industry to reach the most appropriate audience. For example, instead of #COVID19 trying something like #DenverDelivery if you’re a restaurant or #QuarantineReads if you are an independent bookseller will help the right audience find you.


7. Utilize Your Email List

Now is a great time to use your email list to reach previous clients and warm leads. At Summa Media, we recommend that our digital media Denver clients use their email lists to keep their clients updated on safety precautions they are taking, current business offerings, and any special deals and promotions.


8. Support Other Local Businesses

#WereAllInThisTogether has been trending on social media for the past month and it really couldn’t be more true. Now more than ever it is important to support small, local businesses in any way that we can. Consider promoting other businesses in your neighborhood by sharing your favorite lunch delivery options or the craft store who’s curbside pickup option is helping keep your kids entertained. Doing so is free, easy, and will bring a little good karma your way.

A sudden switch from a mostly brick-and-mortar business to a 100% digital operation is a scary shift. The above tactics are designed to help make the change simple and easy and all of the ideas are easy to adapt once things return to normal.

If you’re a small or local business struggling to make the shift to online operations, the Summa Media team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more!

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