The popularity of the Facebook Live feature has soared over the past few years accumulating millions of viewers across the globe, six times the interactions of traditional video posts, and more than 3000 years of watch time per day. With statistics like this it is no wonder that advice on hosting a successful first Facebook Live is one of the most common social media marketing topics the Summa Media team is asked to address.

In order to start your Facebook Live journey off on the right foot, the Summa Media team is sharing our tips and tricks with you today. Keep reading below to read all of Summa Media’s advice for a successful Facebook Live.


Advice for a Successful Facebook Live

Source Content Ideas From Your Community

Your audience knows what they want to see from you and the easiest way to ensure you are providing them with content they are actually interested in is by asking them. By letting your audience pick the topic through a poll or asking them to share ideas in the comments section of a recent post you are guaranteed to deliver content they care about.


Promote Your Live Before Showtime

In order to drive interest and viewership, promoting your broadcast before you go live is a social media marketing must. Start by creating an event that people can register for, registering will automatically send reminder notifications to attendees so they don’t forget.

In addition to creating an event, you will also need to promote your broadcast time on your Facebook page. The key to doing this without annoying your followers is to provide valuable information or insights with every promotion.

Cross-promoting your video on your other social channels, email campaigns, and blog is another great way to expand your reach and connect with additional viewers.


Plan and Prepare

Although Facebook Lives are typically informal and natural social media marketing efforts, you still need to plan ahead and prepare your space. Before you go live plan the format and flow of your broadcast, take the time to practice your script, and review your talking points to avoid any embarrassing flubs.

Preparation is not just about the content, but about the space as well. Test the lighting in the area you plan to broadcast in, run through a sound check, and minimize distractions in the room. Silence your phone, take necessary steps to reduce background noise, and let any housemates know you are not to be interrupted while recording.


Timing Is Everything

Timing is critical when trying to reach your audience. Just as there are best times for your social media marketing posts and Stories, there are best times to go live. Consider your target audience’s daily routine such as work hours, sleep habits, and dinnertime to ensure your Live doesn’t fall during any of those times. In addition to proper timing, you should also save your Live and post it to your feed so viewers can reference it again later.


Engage and Interact With Your Audience

The comment section of your Facebook Lives is really what helps to create the interactive experience for your viewers. By giving viewers the ability to ask questions, react to your commentary, and engage in realtime, Facebook Lives end up feeling more like a conversation than a traditional social media marketing tactic.

To help boost the engagement your Lives receive, it is important to ask for comments and questions throughout the Live and respond to them as they appear. This encourages other viewers to share their own thoughts throughout the Live, enhancing the experience for both you and your audience.


Authenticity Is Key

Facebook Lives give you a great opportunity to connect authentically with your audience and let them see the people behind the brand. Rather than thinking of Facebook Live as a platform for aggressive social media marketing, think of them as a means to building strong relationships. Let your audience get to know you, go off script where it feels appropriate, and let pieces of your personality shine through.


Review The Data

As with all of your social media marketing efforts, it is important to analyze the data and metrics after your live videos. Take the time to review your unique views, engagement statistics, and the demographics of your audience to better understand the impact of your Live. The better you understand the data, the stronger your future efforts will be. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different days, times, topics, and formats until you find the right fit for your brand.

Adding a new content format to your social media marketing efforts can be intimidating, but with more people on social media than ever before now is the time to try. Don’t let fear hold you back from testing Facebook Lives for your brand, contact the Summa Media team to discuss how to implement Facebook Lives into your social media marketing strategy today!


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