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The Next Big Thing in Social Media

Elevate Your Business with Social   As a Denver social media advertising agency, the Summa Media team has been tracking social media trends for years. Since the dawn of the social media age, we have seen different trends rise and fall. Some fads — such as...

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The Value of Your Logo

Think of a plain white T-shirt. Probably cost what, $4? Something around there? Now, think of the same shirt, but there’s a little something right above the heart. Maybe a check. Maybe a man riding a horse. Maybe a crocodile. Regardless of what you pictured, that...

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Facebook Live Tips

Lucky for us, many businesses have begun recognizing the damage that a lack of connection can do and have introduced tools to help bridge the gap. One of the tools that the Summa Media team has found useful when building connections is Facebook Live. Read More

Drive Business Results on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the second most downloaded app all-time, yet only 1% of businesses use it to engage with their customers. Businesses can now use Messenger to improve their marketing efforts, lower customer acquisition costs, and build relationships with their customers. Read More

Leverage Facebook Groups for Your Business

At Summa Media, we believe that Facebook Groups are one of the most powerful ways to connect with your customers. Keep reading below as we explore what exactly Facebook Groups are and discuss how you can best leverage them in your business. Read More

Launching a Video Blog

When so many transactions are done online these days, it can be difficult to establish the trust and connection that customers crave. At Summa Media, we believe a unique way to create that human connection is by video blogging (vlogging). Read More

How To Start A Podcast

Starting a podcast is a unique and fun way to engage with your customers. It shows them that your business is modern and the conversational tone of a podcast makes your listeners feel an authentic connection to you. Read More

Six Phases of Web Design & Development

If you are in the early stages of your web design process, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. There are many pieces to the web design process and it is completely normal to be lost in the beginning. Read More
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