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Benefits of WordPress

WordPress first came onto the scene as a blogging platform in 2003. Since then it has gone from being a simple blogging and online publishing tool to the most popular web development tool out there. Read More

Responsive Web Design

Think back to the last time you opened the web browser on your phone or tablet and had a negative experience. What made the experience negative? Did you have to zoom in to read things? Was it difficult to click where you wanted to click? Was the page layout distorted? Read More

Conversion Based Web Design

Conversion centered design is crucial when you are building your website, it is what will keep customers on your page and allow you the chance to sell to them. If a customer bounces from your site immediately, it doesn’t matter how great your product is, you’ll never get the chance to sell to anyone. Read More

How and Why to Make a Social Media Content Schedule

On or around the 15th of every month, sit down and create a social media content schedule for the following month. Write out the exact posts, tweets, and captions that you will share and make a note of any accompanying blog posts that will need to be written. Read More

5 Rules of Social Media Engagement

The rise of social media and social media marketing has completely revolutionized the way that businesses interact with customers.  In the past, communication between businesses and customers was typically a one way street until the customer walked into a retail...

Read More

Understand Your Target Audience’s Values

Digital and Social Media Marketing have completely revolutionized the consumer buying process over the course of the last few years.  Factors such as price, convenience, and even quality are no longer the driving force behind purchasing decisions. Read More

Facebook Advertising Techniques

Facebook, love it or hate it, you can’t argue that the social media platform is a powerful tool. According to recent studies from Pew Research Center over 68% of American adults are on the site and almost three-quarters of them log on daily. Read More

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