Choosing and Using the Right Keywords

Choosing the best possible keywords for your roofing website’s content is crucial to ensure that the content you are creating is effective in attracting traffic to your website. It may feel intimidating at first, but the Summa Media team is here to help. Today, we are sharing the five steps every roofing contractor should follow in order to choose and use the best keywords for your website. Learn more below!

Choosing and Using the Right Keywords for Your Roofing Website

What Is a Keyword?

Before we share our five steps for choosing the best keywords for you, let’s start by chatting about what a keyword is. Simply put, keywords are the words and phrases users type into a search engine in order to find results related to their needs. When the same keywords that a user enters also appear on your website, your website will then rank in the search results, thereby helping direct traffic to your roofing website.

Start By Doing Your Homework

Before doing anything, you need to do your research. Keyword research can be complicated and if your roofing company has the budget, we highly recommend working with a professional agency or freelance SEO specialist to find the best words for your website.

If working with a professional is not in the budget right now – that’s OK! Luckily there are numerous free tools available such as Google Search Console and SEMRush. Google Search Console will help you by showing you what keywords are already directing people to your site, while SEMRush will help you identify similar keywords to begin incorporating on your site, as well as let you see what keywords are ranking for your competitors.

Think About The Customer’s Journey

When planning content for your roofing website, you need to consider your target audience and where they are in their customer journey. There are three main parts to a customer journey:

1. Awareness – This is the stage that customers become aware that they have a problem that they need solved. Maybe they have a leaky roof, maybe they noticed a shingle missing, or maybe they just don’t like the color of the roof on the new home they purchased.

2. Consideration – This is the stage that a customer begins to think deeply about their problem and consider possible solutions. Someone with a roofing problem would begin searching for roofing companies in their city or asking friends for recommendations.

3. Decision – This is the stage that a customer is ready to make a purchasing decision and decide on the best plan of action for solving their problem.

As a roofer, you need to have content that appeals to customers in all stages of the journey. For example, a blog post detailing the importance of stopping roof leaks as soon as you notice them will likely appeal to a customer in the awareness stage that has just noticed the leak. A blog post detailing a case study where you were able to solve a former client’s problem quickly and on budget would appeal to someone in the decision stage.

Competition Applies to Keywords Too

When doing research on your keywords, it is important that you pay attention to the level of competition for your target keywords. You can easily do this by typing the keyword into a search engine yourself and seeing what ranks. Pay attention to both the ads that appear and the organic content.

Take a look at the results and consider whether or not your content can outrank the competition. Content that is short, poorly formatted, or missing information is typically weak content that you can easily outrank.

Content Format Needs Must Be Considered

Simply crafting a well written blog post on an aging roof with strategically placed keywords is unfortunately not enough to ensure that your content ranks well. The formatting of your content matters too.

Content with imagery (think pictures, tables, graphs) and content that is formatted to include bullet points, lists, headings, and sub-headings will always outperform well-written content lacking the aforementioned items.

Keyword Variety Matters

When creating content for your roofing website you’ll want to use a variety of keywords to ensure that your website ranks in a variety of searches. Use a content calendar to make sure you don’t repeat keywords too frequently. 

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Choosing and using the right keywords for your roofing website can truly transform your online marketing results and the Summa Media team is here to help you choose the best keywords for you. Contact our team to learn more today

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