24 Booked Meetings with the Power of Follow Up

Email & Text Campaign

Text Results

In total, we had 341 replies to our texts, with 18 booked inspections! I think one thing that we learned was to go after the people that had not responded in the first run of the campaign. By doing this, we got an additional 57 replies, including 4 hot leads! That’s without doing anything too drastic aside from taking the people that hadn’t responded and plugging them into a new funnel.

One thing that does not show up on the data are the number of “warm” leads that we received from this campaign. While many of the cold responses were simply a “No” or a “stop”, there were a decent chunk of them that said they would pass our information along to someone or store our contact info for when they are in the market for a new roof. Something that I think we need to be better at is responding to anyone who doesn’t say “No” or “Stop”. We actually found a few leads after we replied to someone who said that they weren’t the person we were trying to reach. We apologized for sending it to the incorrect person and then we actually got a “Well feel free to come over” response. We also saw four leads that came after a full month or two of them replying, which means that the Custom Installations name must’ve been at the top of their mind when something happened to their roof. What’s most interesting there is that every time that happened, they originally said something in the vein of “stop texting” or “I’m good” but then followed up almost two months later asking if we can take a look at their roof.


Email Results

3-Tab Roofs - Saddebook Farms3371111
Ashbury Park 9.9.20 Eric2292681121
Fields of Ambria 9.9.20 Eric205277691
Hybernia 9.9.20 Eric82102961
Oakbrook Email 9.8.20178146121
Other Roofs - Saddlebrook Farms3845091151
Grand Total1,11113434966

In total, we added another 6 booked inspections for these e-mail campaigns, one in each city, as well as adding a few warm leads for each one that promised to keep the Custom Installations name at the top of their mind for the next time they need roofing jobs done. Here’s a quick taste of the positive responses that we received from the campaigns:

3-Tab Roofs – 

Saddlebrook Farms: Phillip- “Good morning Brian, I would be interested in an inspection although I already know that I have hail damage. The question comes as to my insurance company coverage since I have been with the company less than 3 years and have noticed in that time only one occasion of hail. My phone is 847 287 —-”

Asbury Park: Joshua- “Hi Eric, I do not live at 1300 Liverpool Lane anymore. I live at 350 Fox Run Rd, Libertyville IL. Has there been hail damage in my area, the two homes are about 15 minutes apart. If there has been hail damage and insurance will pick up the bill I would be interested in having a discussion with you. “

Other Roofs – 

Saddlebrook Farms: Joann- “I don’t mind your looking at the roof. My question is if you can do the same for me (no out of pocket excep insurance deductible) could you wait to be paid until I get the reimbursement from my insurance company or do I have to pay you first. My insurance is Allstate and my deductible is 49%”

Hybernia: Jeannine- “My name is Gabriel VITI I am the husband of Jeannine Viti if you want to inspect our roof you’re welcome to my phone number is 847-494-7500 give me a call and we’ll set up a meeting”

Fields of Ambria: Nicole- “That is my parent’s house. I will forward on your communication”

Oakbrook: Dana- “Sure David- We’d love to look into this. What’s the next step to get a quote? Dana”

It was interesting to see that some of these appeared to be lost leads, but with the power of follow up and persistence, it turned into booked inspections. Nicole from the Fields of Ambria campaign was the daughter of our target, but with following up with her and her help in forwarding on our information, we were able to book a deal. As you can tell just by these few booked inspections, follow up is an absolutely incredible and necessary step that we need to be doing to anyone who replies anything other than “no” or “stop”, because there’s always the chance that the person isn’t sure that they need a repair or replacement. Another positive to follow up is that a lot of the replies here ask questions about the process or what a roof repair or replacement entails. Dana from the Oakbrook campaign asked what the next step is to get a quote, and because we followed up promptly and answered any questions she had, we were able to book a meeting to get on her roof.

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I think that one thing we learned from this overall experience is that creating a sense of urgency, either by using a storm that is approaching or an insurance deadline, will help results dramatically because people can make quick decisions when they are running out of time or stressed about an incoming storm. Overall, we landed 24 inspections for our efforts. That amounted to:

Asbury Park3
Fields of Ambria4

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