How to Build an Effective Landing Page

An effective landing page is one of the most important assets your roofing company can have in your digital marketing toolbox. A good landing page will help increase conversion and sales figures, contributing to your business’ overall growth. A bad landing page will do the exact opposite, creating confusion and frustration amongst visitors, causing them to drop off without completing the call to action. 

The Summa Media team has seen our fair share of good and bad roofing landing pages over the years and we have effective landing page design for our roofers and contractors down to a science. To help you build an effective landing page for your next campaign, our team is sharing our tips with you today. Keep reading below to learn more!

What is a landing page and why is it important?

In the world of digital marketing a landing page (sometimes called a lead capture page) is a standalone web page that was built specifically for a marketing campaign. It is where a page visitor “lands” (or in other words, is directed) after clicking on a link in a newsletter or an Ad on a search engine or social media page. Landing pages are designed with a specific call to action in mind with the goal of increasing your conversion rate for a particular campaign.

An effective landing page is a huge asset to your campaigns. It will help to increase your conversion rate, decrease lead generation cost and time, and boost your overall sales numbers. A poorly designed landing page will lead to high bounce rates, low conversion rates, and cost you money.

Tips to Help You Build an Effective Landing Page

Focus on a clean, minimalistic layout

There is nothing less effective than a landing page that is full of so much text and pictures that the visitor is overwhelmed and unsure of where to direct their attention first. Focus on designing a clean landing page that is free of extraneous content or images. Keep your copy short and sweet, providing only the necessary information. Doing so will help to decrease bounce rate and increase conversions.

Be clear about the value that you are providing

An effective landing page will clearly and concisely state the offer in the page header (Free Roofing Inspection!) to remove any possibilities of confusion for a visitor. Underneath the header, you can offer further explanation, conditions, or requirements via sub-headings and text.

Build trust with your audience

The Summa Media team has talked about this many times over the years, but people want to hire roofers and contractors who they trust and building a trusting relationship starts with the first webpage they encounter. Including things like testimonials, awards won, certifications held, etc. on your landing pages are all good indicators of trust and help to establish credibility before a single conversation.

Optimize your page for mobile

Today, over 50% of web traffic is mobile. If your landing pages are not optimized for mobile, meaning they aren’t easy to navigate from a mobile device, visitors are extremely likely to bounce off the page in frustration. Google and other search engines are also likely to ding your search ranking if your page is not optimized, even hiding your page to users searching from a desktop. Do yourself a favor and ensure that all of your web pages and landing pages are optimized for best results in all campaigns.

Keep forms short and sweet

If your landing page asks a visitor to fill out a contact form for more information on a free roof inspection, the form should ask for the bare minimum information you need to to properly follow up with the contact. The longer the form, the more likely a visitor is to bounce off the page. 

If more information is needed to complete the inspection, that’s OK! You can ask for that information at a later date such as when you call to schedule the inspection.

Page copy should match ad copy

A good landing page will use the same verbiage in the page copy as it will in the ad copy. Doing so helps provide page visitors with peace of mind that the ad was not misleading and that they found what they were looking for. 

This might sound obvious, but you want to be careful. The ad and page copy might be saying the same thing, but if they are worded differently, this can confuse visitors. Play it safe and don’t be afraid to use the same exact wording.

A/B Test

Just like any other piece of your digital marketing strategy, you absolutely need to A/B test different versions of your landing page to determine what is and isn’t working. As you test and make changes, continue to test the pages overtime. Doing so will allow for continuous optimization and lead to the strongest results for your roofing company.

Landing pages can be complex, which is why Summa Media is here to help our roofing clients build theirs! If you feel like you are doing all of the above, but not seeing the results you want, give our team a call today to schedule a consultation to learn more about landing pages and fix the mistakes you’re making.

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