Creative employees are one of the most valuable assets to any brand. Focusing on hiring creative individuals has helped fuel Summa Media’s success. It has allowed us to better connect with clients, problem solve strategically, and retain top talent longterm.

At times, the world that we live in can be very toxic to creativity. Lack of flexibility, rigid dress codes, and overly structured internal hierarchy can dampen creative thought processes in employees.

At Summa Media we believe that fostering creativity in the workplace is one of the keys to an organization’s success. In order to help you foster creativity in the workplace, the Summa Media team is sharing our secrets to success below.


1. Create an inclusive, fun company culture

One of the best ways to foster creativity in the workplace is by building an inclusive and fun company culture. Give your employees the opportunity to connect with one another inside and outside of the office, encourage fun banter on Slack, and support self-expression.

Environments that allow employees to be themselves leads to more collaborative and honest team brainstorm sessions, which in turn leads to more creative solutions.


2. Design a stimulating work environment

One of the most overlooked components of a creative work environment is the environment itself. Dull gray walls, depressing cubicles, day old coffee, and stained carpets are not going to encourage a creative employee base.

Consider working with an interior designer to help design a stimulating work environment for your employees. If that is not financially an option for you, consider implementing small changes such as cool, calm color schemes, a comfortable office temperature, and lots of natural light.


3. Provide freedom and flexibility in your teams

Gone are the days that employees are required to be in the office from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. Flexible work hours and locations have been proven to increase productivity, client satisfaction, and employee morale.

We understand that flexible work policies can be scary for some organizations. Rather than diving into head first, ease into it by offering the option for remote work one or two days a week to start.


4. Hire diverse talent

Diversity is an extremely important component in a creative workplace. It is crucial that you spread your hiring efforts across different backgrounds in order to avoid building a homogeneous organization. Having too many employees from the same background that have had the same experiences often leads to stagnant ideas and growth. Focus on hiring top talent from different schools, fields, and backgrounds in order to foster a diverse work environment.


5. Implement feedback channels

Feedback is crucial to growth and is important at all levels of an organization. Implementing feedback channels for both positive and critical feedback allows your employees to review their past work and push themselves to the next level.

And remember feedback goes both ways. Don’t just give your employees feedback, make them feel like it is a safe space for providing feedback to each other and more importantly you — the boss — as well.


6. Support new ideas

Employees are going to be more likely to offer their ideas and suggestions if they feel their ideas will be taken seriously. Foster an environment that welcomes employee ideas and provides the necessary structure to implement said ideas. Encourage employees to share their ideas by sharing successful employee initiatives you have implemented in the past.

Creativity is one of the pillars of a successful organization. Focus on fostering an environment that encourages curiosity, playfulness, inspiration, and open-mindedness and watch creativity start to flow.



How do you foster creativity in your workplace? Share your tips with the Summa Media team in the comments below!

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