How to Grow the Commercial Side of Your Roofing Business

When new roofing clients join the Summa Media family, we often notice that one side of their business is much more established than the other. Sometimes, that is by choice and they don’t want to change anything, but often they are looking to expand into a new area and that’s where we come in. 

Last week, we tackled growing the residential side of your business and in part two of the series, we’re focusing on growing the commercial side. Keep reading below to learn more.

How to Grow the Commercial Side of Your Roofing Business

Build Your Network

Networking, something we all love to hate, but it is a necessary tool when you are working on growing any business. When growing the commercial side of your roofing business, there are numerous ways to network with other industry professionals and potential clients.

Attend Industry Networking Events 

These days, every industry and business has planned networking events in cities that are designed to put you in contact with people who are in the same industry as you, but not your direct competition. For you as a commercial roofer, this group includes corporate interior designers, commercial landscape architects, commercial real estate brokers among others. Connecting with these professionals and establishing mutually beneficial relationships will set you both up for success.

Register for Tradeshows 

Tradeshows are a great way to showcase your roofing business to facilities managers and property managers who are actively looking for new vendors for the commercial buildings they oversee. The people who attend these events are usually attending with the specific goal of finding a professional for a project, many of which are roof related, meaning you should leave with dozens of leads.

Ask for Referrals

Just as you know other roofing industry professionals, your clients know plenty of other professionals in their field. After completing a project, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals, the odds are your client has one!

LinkedIn Should Be Your Most Visited Site

LinkedIn is a great place to find and connect with your target audience, facilities and property managers in your area. It is such a great place and leveraging it is so vitally important to growing the commercial side of your roofing business, we dedicated an entire blog post on the topic.

Plan Commercially Focused Content

This should go without saying, but if you are hoping to expand your commercial roofing practice, you need to plan your content accordingly. Plan content that focuses on commercial buildings, projects, and is written in a voice that it speaks to a professional, rather than a homeowner. Be sure to use keywords that will help with SEO.

Obtain the Necessary Certifications 

Working on commercial buildings often requires different materials, permits, and licensure than residential work. If you are completely new to the commercial space, before bringing on your first client be sure you have all of the necessary documents to complete the project above board. 

Expanding your business is an exciting time and one that often requires a little extra support. If you find yourself needing guidance as you grow your commercial business, the Summa Media team is here for you. Give our team a call today to learn more about how we can partner together to take your business to the next level.

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