How to Grow the Residential Side of Your Business

This week, the Summa Media team is sharing Part One of a two part series: How to Grow the Residential Side of Your Roofing Business.

Most of the roofers we work with have two distinct sides of their business, their residential business and their commercial business. Depending on how they got their start, one is typically more established than the other. Today, we’re focusing on tips and tricks for growth, specifically related to targeting residential jobs and homeowners as clients. Keep reading below to learn more.

How to Grow the Residential Side of Your Roofing Business

Network with Other Residential Focused Professionals

We’ve talked about the importance of networking for growing your roofing business before, but when growing your residential practice there are a number of professionals you want to focus on. Professionals such as residential real estate agents, residential interior designers, and handymen (or women!) should all be members of your network that you regularly engage with in a mutually beneficial way!

Plan Content Focusing on Homes

This might seem obvious, but if you are focused on growing the residential side of your business, your content should reflect that. Plan your blog and social media posts to speak specifically to homeowners. Use key phrases that include words like residential, home, and homeowner to help boost your SEO rankings for residential searches as well.

Reach Out to Homeowner’s Associations

Getting on the good side of a few HOAs in your region is a must for any roofer hoping to grow their residential roofing practice. Depending on the rules of a particular HOA, they may have a list of professionals such as roofers and contractors they recommend their homeowners use when they need work done. They are also more likely to recommend a roofer who they have met with before and discussed HOA roofing and home appearance requirements. HOAs also meet regularly and occasionally bring in guest speakers to meet their group, if this option is ever presented to you, say yes! You’ll be in front of hundreds of homeowners at one time and likely receive promotion via email to even more.

Talk Up Your Homeowners Insurance Assistance

If you provide your residential clients with assistance for navigating the insurance process, this is important to advertise. The insurance process can be one of the biggest reasons a homeowner chooses to delay repairs, so talk up how your team can assist with the process and take this responsibility off the homeowner’s plate.

Leverage Platforms Such As Pinterest & Instagram

The type of clients you’re targeting for your residential business are likely surfing websites like Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration on home design. Use these websites to show off your best residential projects with extremely appealing aesthetics, unique colors, and features.

Ask for Referrals!

By now, we all know that referrals are one of the greatest sources of leads for roofers and contractors. Homeowners are friends with other homeowners and we trust our friend’s recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask happy clients for referrals or at the very least ask to give them a few business cards should they hear of a friend in need!

We live in an age where we’re more connected than ever thanks to social media, but this has also made us more private and guarded with new people and businesses. Don’t expect to grow your residential roofing business overnight. It might be a slow, frustrating process, but will be so worth it in the end!

Roofers who had experience working primarily with homeowners, the Summa Media team would love to hear from you! Tell our readers how you grew your business in the comments below. And as always, reach out to Summa Media with any questions about how we can help you grow your residential roofing business!

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