Pinterest is often left out of a brand’s social media strategy, but this can be a costly mistake. Pinterest is a unique social media platform that acts not only as a place to connect with friends, but as a visual search engine and an inspirational productivity tool as well.

At Summa Media, we have seen the power of leveraging Pinterest for business and today we are going to share our insights with you. Below we explain why you should be using Pinterest for business before diving into tips and tricks for getting started. Keep reading below to learn more!


Why Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is the fourth most popular social media platform in the US

Approximately 28% of adults in the US have a Pinterest account and when looking at millennials only that number increases to approximately 50%. Pinterest has a strong footing internationally as well with over 235 million international users.


Visual Search Capabilities

The Summa Media team has mentioned visual search quite a bit over the past year and for good reason. A majority of Gen Zers and Millenials say that they like the option to search with images. Pinterest is currently the only social media tool to give them the option to do so.


Pins are proven to boost brand exposure

Pins are a great way to boost brand exposure and allow users to discover your products. Pinners are often actively seeking new products and brands in their searches.


Pinterest is inspirational

Pinterest provides inspiration for users in everything from weddings, to home decor, to fashion, and more. Pinterest allows your brand to become an inspirational source of ideas and creativity for users.


Tips and Tricks for Using Pinterest

Create and Share Eye Catching Content

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and on Pinterest that really holds true. When creating a Pin you should focus on 4 things:

  • Vertical Imagery – 85% of Pinners are mobile users, optimize your images for mobile formatting
  • Concise Description – Keep the caption concise and excite users to click and learn more
  • Headline – Include a text overlay that helps capture attention
  • Branding – Include a discreet, but visible logo to ensure that as your Pin is re-pinned it can still be traced back to you

Consistency is Key

Like all things social media, consistency is key. Pinterest advises brands to Pin at least once per day in order to ensure your content reaches a wide audience. You can schedule Pins in advance, so don’t feel like you need to log into the platform every day.


Plan Ahead

Planning your Pinterest content ahead of time helps to both keep you consistent and keep you ahead of seasons and events. Research shows that Pinners start looking for seasonal content one to two months before the holiday so you will want to tailor your Pins to that schedule. October may feel too early for Christmas content to you, but it certainly is not for parents looking for inspiration!


Optimize for Pinterest SEO

Like we mentioned above, Pinterest is a visual search engine and it is important to optimize your Pinterest just like any other search engine. Keywords are king on the platform and it is important to use them in your board names and Pin captions.


The Marketing Funnel Matters

While Pinterest is great for building brand awareness, you cannot forget about what comes next. Like any other social media tool, you need to consider the rest of the process — what happens after a user clicks on your Pin — and build a strategy that brings users through the entire marketing funnel.


Pinterest Ads Are Effective

Like other social media platforms, Pinterest offers brands the ability to run ads targeting specific keywords, interests, locations, and other demographics.

Similar to Facebook Ads, you can also create specific audience targeted ads reaching users who have:

  • Visited your website
  • Engaged with your Pins
  • Engaged with similar content

Actalike audiences are similar to Facebook Lookalike audiences and can be created to help you find users similar to current customers.


Pinners Like to Shop

Pinners like to shop and lucky for them — and your brand — Pinterest makes it easy for them. Shop the look Pins let users click on home decor, fashion, toys, and other items they are interested in and the link takes them directly to the product page for immediate purchase.

Pinterest also recently released a Shop tab for business profiles. This allows a user to shop and checkout directly on a company’s Pinterest page without having to leave the platform, eliminating a potential drop-off point.



Adding another social media platform to your brand’s strategy might initially seem like a daunting task, but the payoff will absolutely be worth it. If you are interested in adding Pinterest to your strategy, but are unsure where to begin the Summa Media team is here for you. Contact us today to schedule time with one of our social media specialists!

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