Insurance Agent Outreach for a 54% Win Rate

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A relationship with an insurance agent is one of the most beneficial for a roofing company. Insurance agents are constantly hearing about their customer’s issues with their roofs, and having a good roofer to refer these customers to can be incredibly helpful. That is why Just Roofs and Gutters came to Summa with a goal of getting in touch with as many insurance agents as possible to set up meetings and hopefully create mutually beneficial relationships that will see both sides referring clients to each other.

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With insurance agents outreach on the mind, we began our process. This started with not only looking at the major players in the insurance industry, but any independent agency in the Denver area as well. We gathered a list of every insurance agency in our specified area, and began pulling contact information from a multitude of platforms, double checking that we have not only the correct information but no duplicates as well. 

After we had gotten our list of insurance agents from around Denver, we had a meeting with the client about pain points in the insurance industry when it came to roofing and the value we could provide to every agent. Once we had ironed out some good benefits to partnering with our client, we began to write the specified copy for our email campaigns. This included 7 total emails, highlighting the issues that insurance agents typically have when it comes to roofing and how we could solve those for him- most importantly, zero pay claims. 

Throughout the whole process, our team was researching the prospects through their website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more to write a personalized first line. The intention of this first line was to find something that we believed could start a conversation with the potential client, such as a trip abroad, a favorite activity, and so much more. It also showed that the email wasn’t just a mass-sent template, but has some personalization and comes from a human being. 

With the campaign set up with copy and our data sheet full of insurance agents, our developer wrote custom code to automatically put a certain amount of contacts into the campaign each day. Once the code was written and perfected, we were ready to go.

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In total, we reached out to 550 insurance agents around the Denver area. Of these 550 agents that we reached out to, we received a positive response from 84 of them. And of these 84 positive responses, our agents were able to have meetings that turned into beneficial relationships with 46 of them! 

The main response from the ones who did not book a meeting was something along the lines of, “I do not have any work for you right now, but will keep your information for referral purposes,” which has already turned into work in the few short weeks since we’ve received them. And these agents that did not agree to a meeting right there but said that they would save our information were put on a follow up list, to be touched every few months just to keep the Just Roofs and Gutters name at the top of their mind for when roof work does come available. 

We were actually so successful in the few short weeks of outreach that the client had to pause the campaign to catch up to all the meetings that we had gotten for them! Their referrals grew substantially, and they are currently hiring more roofers and salespeople to get the work done that we were able to get them through our outreach. 

Some quick numbers for you: of the 550 prospects, we got a reply from 15.2%, with 8.3% of them becoming a mutually beneficial relationship. We were able to win over 54% of the people that replied and just under 17% of the people that opened the email. That means that 1 of every 6 that opened our email had a meeting.

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Download the PDF to learn more about everything that went into the process, from our initial goals to the prep and the results that followed!

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