A $248,995 Roof Replacement the First Week of Outreach

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Not to give away the ending of this case study, but Summa Media’s outreach services got a $248,995 commercial roofing estimate for Integrity Pro Roofing in less than a week of the launch of the campaign. This is how we went about that, using our proven processes to nab this incredible opportunity.

The goal of the campaign for Integrity Pro Roofing was to uncover new commercial roofing opportunities by using Summa Media’s email and LinkedIn outreach processes. This all started with a kickoff meeting to determine who exactly Integrity wanted to target in this outreach campaign.



Some of the demographics we knew we needed to lock down were the prospect’s job title, city, the type of building we were targeting, and the square footage of the building. For the prospect’s job title, we determined that we would be reaching out to commercial building owners and property managers. We knew that we wanted these prospects to be in Denver, as this is where Integrity Pro Roofing is based, and we worked with them to determine that they could handle projects within a 50-mile radius of the city.

Once we got the who and the where, we worked with Integrity to determine just what type of building they were looking to perform their roofing services. We discussed and determined that they were looking for commercial roofing opportunities, such as offices, industrial properties, and retail. For these buildings, they were looking for roofs in the 25,000 to 100,000 square foot range After we locked in all the details of our target market, the next step was to create new G-Mail accounts for the Integrity Pro Roofing team and begin to warm them up with Lemlist. This process is necessary to ensure deliverability to the prospective clients and to avoid our emails going into the spam folder.

While the 10-day warming period was underway, we began using LinkedIn and other programs such as IcyLeads to gather contact information for the potential customers that we would be targeting, including name, job title, business, email, and phone number. Once we had the list of contacts, our team of copywriters began writing personalized first lines for each of the customers. These first lines were found from researching the prospective clients on LinkedIn, Facebook, or their website to find something unique to them. This touch of personalization makes the email seem much more human, which greatly improves reply rates.

Through our conversation with Integrity Pro Roofing, we created two separate emails, each one with a different roofing project highlighted. One of the projects that we highlighted was a 7,200 square foot NSA building at an Airforce Base and one was a local post office. Both of these case studies highlighted the dramatic improvement in the energy efficiency of the buildings, as well as the savings and warranties that came with both. Along with the initial emails, we created follow ups so that the clients were reminded of the value Integrity Pro Roofing could bring to their building, which also helps with reply rates.

Now, with the target market determined, the contacts found, the emails warmed up, and the script written, it was time to launch the campaign! As you may remember from the start of this case study, less than a week into the campaign Integrity saw one of the biggest estimates they’ve had.

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The 30,000 square foot, three story commercial roof project needed a full replacement, complete with removal of the old layer and installation of a brand-new roofing system. This included installing ISO boards, taper systems, pipe boots, termination bars, and so much more. In the end, the estimate amounted to $248,955, with an additional $65,050 in optional upgrades.

And while this opportunity has been the shining star so far, it isn’t the only success story in the short life of this campaign. We saw an incredible open rate of 64%. And of the people that opened the email, we got a reply from 29%, with our total reply rate sitting at an exciting 19%. And that’s just in the first week, as the campaign is still running and producing results and opportunities for Integrity Pro Roofing as I type.

In the short time that this has been running, we’ve been able to book 4 meetings. One of those was for the $248,995 estimate. Another huge meeting that was booked was with a property manager who oversees 1.2 million square feet in office space, spanning six campuses and 26 different buildings, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that could prove to be very rewarding.

All in all, Integrity Pro Roofing and Summa Media are very excited about the commercial roofing opportunities that have come about in just the short time period that the campaigns have been running. We’ve seen one of the most profitable estimates that Integrity has gotten, created a relationship with a property manager who could provide countless roofing jobs in the future, and so much more. Both companies are looking forward to watching this campaign continue to provide leads, deals, jobs, partnerships, and more.

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Download the PDF to learn more about everything that went into the process, from our initial goals to the prep and the results that followed!

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