Lead Generation Tips for New Roofing Business

Does your company have problems getting new business in the area? Are you finding it hard to reach out to locals or generate quality roofing leads? One of the biggest challenges you will experience in the roofing industry is generating qualified leads. Furthermore, it is a perpetual battle of testing and throwing items against the wall to see what works.

The roofing industry has limitless potential, but one of its biggest challenges might not only be the amount of work but also finding enough skilled labor. Nonetheless, generating high-quality leads is the engine that drives a new roofing business, so it’s essential to have a great system in place to do this. This article strives to share lead generation tips for a new commercial and residential roofing business.

What Is a Lead in Roofing?

Comprehending what a roofing lead is and the types of roofing leads available is key to generating quality roofing leads for your business. A lead is a prospective consumer interested in your product or service. The individual provides contact information so you can follow up with them about their need for roof repair, replacement, or other services related to roofs.

Generating qualified leads is the pillar for roofing businesses, and there are various ways for a new roofing business to generate leads. A roofing business can gain leads through direct mailings, online advertising, trade shows, and other marketing strategies. The tactics have changed over time, and the once-effective channels do not have the same impact as before.

Therefore, as a roofing business owner, you should stay up-to-date with the lead generation system’s latest techniques and marketing efforts. If you do not have time or the right expertise, consider hiring the experts at Summa Media.

How Do I Generate Roofing Leads for My Company?

To attract the ideal target audience, it is fundamental to utilize the best marketing tactics to target them. Here are some lead generation tips and strategies to reach your target market, niche and ultimately turn those roofing leads into customers.

  • Canvassing
    Canvassing is an old-school technique but can still be effective. Conducting a face-to-face meeting, especially after a storm, can help generate local leads for your roofing company. You can also improve neighborhood canvassing by investing in your sales team.
  • Local SEO
    Some individuals presume that SEO is dead. However, it is more relevant than ever. It is an ideal means of providing valuable content and generating leads for your roofing company. For example, a blog post about metal roof repair can generate many clicks on Google search. Local SEO deals with your website and relevant keywords, backlinking, and content marketing. It also requires a lot of optimization to your Google My Business listing.
  • Pay Per Click Ads
    (PPC) ads or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) target advertising companies on Bing, Google, HomeAdvisor, and other sites. These ads sit at the top of organic search results on Google. Thus, they are the first thing people come across when searching for quality local roofing companies on Google. You do have to pay these companies to rank at the top.
  • Social Media Advertising
    Social media platforms are cost-effective for most businesses to generate roofing leads. As a roofer, this can work well. However, Local SEO and PPC are more effective strategies for generating quicker results.
  • Content Marketing
    Content marketing is an efficient means of building authority and credibility in your region. If you provide potential customers with relevant, sound, and in-depth content, rest assured you can generate more leads. A relentless content marketing strategy will ultimately create lots of organic traffic to your website. This is an ideal means of getting people to know about your roofing business, like it, and trust you.
  • Online Review Sites
    Online review sites are not a direct means to generate leads. However, having positive reviews on these review sites can help your business grow and expand. Online reputation is one of the most significant aspects of an online presence. Most individuals will conduct multiple searches of your roofing business before engaging with you. Set up proper tools for all the review sites, including Yelp, Google Maps, HomeAdvisor, and Facebook Local.
  • Email Marketing
    Every roofing lead generation channel should embrace an email marketing campaign to supplement its marketing strategies. Even though being in existence for almost two decades, email marketing continues to be a very effective online marketing channel.  Moreover, automated technology has simplified sending high-quality emails. Most roofing businesses do not have an email marketing campaign set up so you should make sure to follow up with your leads. Roofing companies that utilize email marketing to nurture leads generate more sales-ready leads at a minimal cost.

How Much Do Roofers Pay For Leads?

Before a roofing contractor chooses a reasonable price to pay for leads, they should decide if they are shared or exclusive leads. Roofers can expect to pay roughly $15-$90 for shared leads and $30-$200 for live, exclusive roofing leads.

Consult the Experts at Summa Media in Lead Generation for Roofing

Are you ready to increase your leads and sales? Contact the roofing professionals at Summa Media for roofing business lead generation and your digital marketing needs. We work with roofers to uncover their issues, analyze their competition, and develop a dominating growth and expansion strategy.

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If you have any questions or need more information on how to grow lead generation for your roofing company, the services we provide, or the latest roofing business news, contact us at 720-796-4935.


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