Making & Fostering Industry Relationships

While the roofing industry has seen a surge of success by increased digital marketing efforts in recent years, industry connections and word of mouth marketing are still vitally important to industry leaders. Outside of the obvious benefits of lead generation and increased revenue, there are numerous other reasons why roofers need to focus on making and fostering industry relationships.

Today, the Summa Media team is excited to discuss why networking is still important in the digital age, who you as a contractor should be targeting, and tips for success. Keep reading below to learn more.

Why Networking Is Important

Networking is an important tool in not just the roofing industry, but for professionals as a whole. Networking is defined as the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional contacts.

Networking provides many benefits for participants, but the two main benefits for roofers are:

  •       Lead Generation – Lead generation is achieved when you connect either directly with leads or with others in adjacent industries who can connect you with potential leads. Adjacent industry contacts may include real estate agents, interior designers, or HOA leaders.
  •       Knowledge Transfer – Knowledge transfer can occur when you connect with others in the roofing or construction industry. Although they may in some ways be your competition, it is important that you still connect with one another. The exchange of knowledge and best practices can help elevate both of your businesses in the long run.

Groups to Target 

There are many different groups that you can contact and they might vary depending on your niche in the industry. For example, if you specialize in residential properties targeting real estate agents and homeowner’s associations is a great place to start. If you specialize in commercial properties targeting International Facility Management Association meetings and Building Owners & Managers Association meetings is a smart move for you. Do research on local organizations that may benefit your specific niche.

Tips for Success

  •       Have your elevator pitch ready

An elevator pitch is a brief pitch that introduces you and your business to a new contact. A good elevator pitch is unique, memorable, and concise. You should capture the interest of the other party and leave them wanting to learn more.

  •       Sign up for trade shows

Trade shows are an excellent way to connect with others in your industry. They are educational, informative, and the perfect place to share knowledge with others in your industry. 

  •       Utilize online groups

If you aren’t utilizing online groups and forums for contractors yet, now is the perfect time to sign up for them. With many of us at home more than usual now, online resources are abuzz with new content and connections.

  •       Never leave your business cards at home

You never know when you will make a connection with someone when you are out and about. To ensure that your new contacts remember you and your business, always keep a few business cards in your wallet to distribute. 

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Making and fostering industry relationships takes time and effort and while this investment might feel outdated in the digital age, nothing can replace human-to-human interaction. If you’re looking for more advice on networking with other professionals, the Summa Media team is here to help. Give our team a call today to talk to one of our experts!


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