Nearly $2,000,000 in Estimates in 3 Months from SEO

SEO Marketing Campaign


As you’ve probably heard us say before, your roofing company’s website can be the best salesperson in your company if properly optimized. It’s where almost all of your potential customers will get their first impression of your company. And, as they say, you only get one first impression. 

That’s why Farha came to us looking for a new website that was optimized for the best possible results. We wrote before about how, in just the first five months of SEO, we took their estimates from 7 to 80, increasing the average monthly estimations amount from $8,038.98 to $142,740.78. But that was just the beginning of our SEO journey with Farha Roofing, one that is ongoing and ever-improving each day.

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As I said, we wrote about the SEO process in a previous blog, but here is a quick recap of the process we took to get Farha’s website properly optimized: 

First, we correctly optimized the Google My Business page for keywords and target locations, running through all the content to make sure we were using the highest volume keywords and locations. 

We also responded to all the reviews and answered all the messages that were on the Google My Business page to show Google that we are engaged and constantly running and updating. 

On top of that, we regularly updated the Google My Business page with blogs, pictures, and other engaging content. This increased the ranking of our page by helping the overall “weight”. 

We also sought out high-powered, niche-relevant sites and companies to get backlinks, which are basically endorsements. In addition to the backlinks, we made sure that all the meta descriptions, site titles, picture alt texts, image sizes, and internal links were optimized for the most visibility. 

Lastly, we made and continue to make sure that we are staying up with the latest technology and updates, constantly searching for new plug-ins to help improve the SEO. The faster a site loads, the more likely it will show up at the top of search engines, so we’ve been diligent in making sure that we are using the latest and greatest technology.

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You could probably tell from the title, but Farha’s website is becoming a better salesperson by the day. 

We looked at three months of data from Farha’s CRM, from February 1st to May 1st. In just these short 3 months, we were able to get $1,999,255.22 in estimates, and that’s only counting the ones that have been completed so far. 

Farha was also able to make some huge connections, like one from a major real estate company who had “at least 10 different apartments where we are having issues with roof leaks.” This was just the beginning of that partnership, which has already scheduled 3 more building inspections on top of the apartments and will continue to prove to be extremely beneficial in the coming months. 

In total, our SEO efforts were able to secure 89 leads, with 49 of the estimates completed and 40 more inspections on the books. The average of each estimate that has been completed came out to $40,801.13. 

And there were no major storms during this time, which is normally the case for a surge in roof repair requests. There were no paid ads or email campaigns associated with this case study. We solely looked at the numbers that the website got through the power of SEO.

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