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Whether you’re at step one or one hundred of your roofing journey, you’re bound to have some questions. And while we like to think of ourselves as experts in the field, we know when to step down and let someone else take control. From your CRM to your proposals and your hail maps to your insurance claims, we’ve partnered with the most trusted companies in the roofing industry to help you grow your roofing business and take it to the next level.


The residential peanut butter to Summa’s commercial jelly, Webrunner is the best in the industry when it comes to paid ads in the residential contracting space. They want to take away the question of where your next lead will come with their expert team of paid ad and landing page creators. Their proven Paid Acquisition System gets rid of door-knocking and waiting around for referrals, helping you grow your revenue month after month.

Just Share Roofing Media

There’s an old saying, “Show, don’t tell.” With Just Share Media, you can do just that with their fully customizable, movie quality roofing videos. With their team of expert videographers, photographers, and editors, you will have no trouble standing out from the crowd. Gone are the days of selfie videos shot from a cell phone. Just Share has a library of high-end stock video content that won’t break the bank, helping you capture the attention of potential customers and get on those roofs.

Hook Agency

Hook Agency is a residential roofing SEO powerhouse that helps roofing companies write content, gain links, and the technical side of SEO. Their tried-and-true methods have been helping roofing companies throughout the country get higher in the organic listings on Google. And you’ll always know the details of their efforts, with reports on the action coming every month.

NiceJob Reputation Marketing

One of the easiest ways to grow your roofing business is through reviews. People are much more likely to trust your business if someone recommends it to them. And NiceJob has created a platform that makes it easy for those reviews to keep rolling in. You can add existing customers to campaigns that will request reviews, connect with CRMs that instantly ask for a review once the job is finished, and connect with your website so visitors can see reviews as they happen, giving you the credibility you need to close the deal.


As a contractor, you most likely know that a hailstorm, while bad for a home, can create a world of opportunity for your company. HailTrace was built on that foundation, with a team of 5 meteorologists that analyze the weather in real time to create a database of maps. You’ll know if there is hail, wind, or tornado damage in specific cities, neighborhoods, or even a specific address. They also send you notifications when your customers are impacted by severe weather so you can be the first to reach out. Safe to say, if you’re missing out on hailstorm damage as a roofing company, you’re missing out on opportunity.


Keep your whole roofing company up to date on every project with CompanyCam! This incredible company has simplified the process of progress reports with their easy to use snap, store, sync, share method! Just take a picture of the job you’re working on and it’ll instantly be stored in the cloud for the whole team to see. Everyone in your company will benefit from CompanyCam- the owners will know what’s going on day to day, project managers can stay on top of job site progress, and crew members don’t have to worry about who they need to email which picture to. You can even tag certain team members if you have a question about a project. It’ll save your team hours every week so you can spend more time working on roofs.


JobNimbus is a game changer when it comes to organizing your leads. From initial contact to closed deal, you won’t have to leave JobNimbus. Their interactive job boards make it as easy as ever to move people along in the sales process. Not sure if you need to follow up with the contact? JobNimbus will help, showing you how long a certain contact has been in a certain stage. Don’t let another lead slip through the cracks!


SumoQuote’s main goal is to help you save time on your proposals so you can spend more time closing deals. Their company helps you build custom quotes in minutes that will help you land a job in the time it takes your competition to find their pencils. With proposals in minutes instead of hours, you can increase your average job size, grow your close rate, and double your team’s quoting capacity. We always hear that contractors could use more hours in the day, and SumoQuote gives you just that!

The Roofing Academy

Randy Brothers of The Roofing Academy was one of the first partners we had at Summa Media. As the owner of Elite Roofing, Randy has decades of experience and knowledge in the roofing industry, and he wanted a place to share it. That’s where The Roofing Academy was born, and since then it has helped so many roofing company owners start, build, and grow their company. He’s brought on a few more coaches who have their own area of expertise, so you can be sure that any question you have about the roofing industry, you can find the answer at The Roofing Academy.

The Roof Strategist

Take your roof sales strategies to the next level with The Roof Strategist. Whether you’re an individual salesperson or growing your sales team, Adam is here to help you not only reach but smash right through your goals, just like he has with roofing companies across the country. With hundreds of videos from pitching to overcoming objections, live sales training and mentoring sessions, and 1 on 1 calls with Adam himself, The Roof Strategist is ready to help you grow your roofing business.

Jonathan B. Sherwood: Roofing Specialist

Jonathan Sherwood is a decorated roofing industry leader who has helped hundreds of roofers with his many organizations. He’s received numerous awards, like “Million Dollar Producer”, “Most Influential”, and “Best Marketing Industry Entrepreneur”. He’s a pioneer, starting Roofers Helping Roofers, a consulting platform that offers services to roofers like sales training and job procurement. He also founded Roofers in Recovery, a non-profit foundation close to his heart offering experience, hope, and strength to those in the industry who struggle with substance abuse. Safe to say, Jonathan really cares about helping roofers and will do everything he can to help you grow your roofing company.

Limitless Roofing CEO Groups

A lot of success, in both business and life, depends on who you surround yourself with. With Limitless Roofing CEO Groups, you’ll be connected to a network of the roofing industry’s best and brightest, where you can learn the keys to success that they’ve used to get to where they are. You’ll get advice from people who have been through the obstacles that you’re currently facing and fresh insights on how to be a leader of your roofing company. Their goal is to remove the limits of your own leadership so you can realize your dreams of why you got into the roofing business in the first place. 

The Roofer Show

Dave Sullivan has been a successful roofing contractor for over 30 years and brings his years of knowledge and experience to The Roofer Show. As both a podcast host and a coach, Dave gives you the foundation and the tools that helped him grow his roofing company to incredible heights. After listening to his show and talking with Dave, you will quickly be heading down the right path to more profit and more freedom!

Sales Xceleration

Sales Xceleration is in the business of helping businesses take their sales game to the next level with their tested and proven methods. At Sales Xceleration, you’ll have someone with you at every step of the sales process, from finding, hiring, and training the right salespeople to creating the process that will see your profits soar. This proven platform helps you build winning sales strategies, processes, teams, and execution for your company so you can see the bottom line increase with every step.

C3 Group

If the words “insurance claim” bring a shiver down your spine, C3 Group is here to give you the confidence you need. They’re a nationally connected group of public adjusters, engineers, and industry experts who specialize in getting your claim resolved quickly and accurately. Their vast knowledge of the insurance world helps them get you the settlement that you deserve.

Roofer's Choice Insurance

Don’t let insurance be a scary word for your roofing company. With Roofers Choice Insurance, you can be sure that you’re working with a team who truly understands what it means to insure a roofing company. For over 34 years, they’ve been providing insurance for roofing companies all over the country, from workers’ compensation to employee benefits and general liability. Roofers Choice Insurance can help you with all your insurance needs!


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