Simply put, your business is nothing without a brand. Customers relate to unique and compelling stories that give companies a sense of identity. What makes yours stand out from the competition?

Our team of marketing and strategy experts know what it takes to develop a strong and consistent brand. We translate your business’ values and goals into terms customers not only understand but relate to. How do you want your customers to perceive you? We’ll make it happen.

Let us help elevate your business today!

Whether you need a logo or a complete branding package, our design and marketing team will help redefine your business and take it to the next level.  Branding is all about consistency, whether you are a startup or a multi-million dollar company, each story is different.  Regardless of where your company is, our missions stays the same: consistently deliver a story that is high quality and understood by the end consumer.  Lets make your brand relevant, credible, smart, compelling, and impactful.   

It begins with your vision and understanding your consumer.  Our team takes your values and brand’s future goals to build the foundation of brand.  Even more importantly, we must understand your consumer.  If you’re not speaking the same language, it does not matter how great your message is. Summa researches your customer and interviews clients to see how those purchasing from your company view your brand.

At Summa, we are big sport fans. We wear Nikes during our workouts. We wear clean Jordans during working hours. Why? The brands speak to us. They create emotion and tell a story of the athletes who have worn them. It reminds of the time Michael Jordan dunked from the free throw line or when Tiger chipped it in at the 16th hole of the Masters. It’s time to spark emotion in your clientele.