Email marketing has been proven to deliver the highest ROI of any marketing service. Say hello to your new MVP.

The Summa specialists have experience creating and implementing all types of effective email marketing campaigns from drip to promotional and everything in between. Keeping customers updated and maintaining constant contact is crucial to fostering and retaining long-lasting relationships. It’s is all about the long-game.

Let us help elevate your business today!

Did you know that the first email was sent in 1971?  Who remembers AOL AIM?  Email continues to evolve and is arguably the most used communication tool in the world.  With open rates still around 20%, what drip campaign are you implementing to generate consistent high quality leads?  

Let Summa help build a structured plan, design superior content, and create subject lines that get those eyeballs to your website or landing page.  We have experience helping build drip campaigns, promotional emails, discounts, service upgrades, content delivery, and everything in between.  We want to understand your end goal and help you keep a consistent email plan in place to keep your band in front of your prospects and clients.

You got mail! Actually, you got a lot of mail… People are getting blasted with emails. Most of it feels like spam. Email is still a highly effective form of digital marketing, but you must bring value to your prospects and clients. Let’s create an email campaign that your target market looks forward to opening.