Facebook advertising gives you complete control over who sees your ads and when. Want to retarget an interested buyer? You got it. Need to spread brand awareness to an audience with specific interests? No problem.

Allow the Summa media team to implement and manage your Facebook ads to get the right people interested and ultimately converting.

Let us help elevate your business today!

What stage of Facebook advertising are you: just getting started, trying to grow results, or looking to expand rapidly?  With 1 billion daily users, Facebook is the largest platform to reach a wide range of active users that are interested in your service.  Their advanced targeting system allows you to focus down to a single person based on their demographic, interests, behaviors, connections, and custom audiences.  

We are committed to getting you the best ROI by managing ad spend, building custom audiences, pixel implementation, setting up remarketing, and reporting. You customize the budget, Summa implements the best game plan to keep getting you high quality leads.

Who is your ideal client? Imagine this perfect person in your head. Okay, good. Now, let’s target them through Facebook Advertising. Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms in the world. Summa uses these capabilities to generate high-qualities leads for your business. This is the top tool for online advertising, do not miss out on this resource.