It’s the digital age and if you’re not advertising online, you’re falling behind.

Our search engines ninjas are here to make sure if your product or service is being searched for, your business is going to show up. We know the ins and outs of search engine marketing including display advertising, pay-per-click, retargeting, and remarketing and have the skills to take your business to the top.

Let us help elevate your business today!

Did you know that Google now processes on average over 40,000 search queries every second, handling 75% of all searches online? What is more important to understand is that Mobile searches are NOW greater than Desktop searches. Responsive design and marketing is a must if you want to provide a mobile and desktop friendly UX to convert eyeballs to customers.

Retargeting, remarketing, display advertising, pay-per-click, pay-per-call, paid ads, cost per impression, the list goes on. We not only handle all of these crazy terms, but what we ultimately bring you is a web presence that is optimal to your market and a strategy that is consistently giving you high quality business. If your search engine marketing is failing, Summa will take you back to the peak.

With technology constantly changing and the mobile phone running our lives, Summa stays ahead of the competition. We know where the consumer eyeballs are, where they are going, and most importantly where and why they click on specific ads. Yes Google may run the search world, but with the help of Summa, we can help you run your industry.