How quickly do you respond to your customers on social media?

Do you measure in minutes, hours, or days?

At Summa Media we have noticed that many of our clients think they respond in minutes, but when we dig in and analyze the data we find that it is much longer than predicted.

In order to help improve your customer service ratings, customer satisfaction scores, and fine-tune your social media strategy the Summa Media team is here to help. Let’s walk through what an average social media response time is, why response time is important, and tips to improve below.


What is considered an average social media response time?

According to this customer experience study the average response time by brands on Facebook is 1 day, 3 hours, and 47 minutes. On Twitter that average increases to 1 day, 7 hours, and 12 minutes.

The numbers above might not sound too bad to a brand, but more than 24 hours is quite a long time to have an inquiry or complaint sit with no response. On top of that, the same study found that on Facebook over 85% of consumers expect a reply within 6 hours. On Twitter, 64% of consumers expect a reply within one hour.

There is a clear discrepancy between business actions and customer expectations. Let’s walk through why this discrepancy matters and why social media response time is important.


Why is social media response time so important?

Social media response time is important for quite a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that in 2020 customers rely on social media for support and service more than ever. If they have an issue, the first place they go is to a brand’s social channels. You want to respond quickly to mediate the problem and prevent it from spreading.

Quick responses also lead to more loyal customers. When customers post on a brand’s page or mention a brand in a comment (no matter whether or not the comment is good or bad) they are hoping for recognition. By responding to the customer, your brand makes them feel valued.

Faster than average replies also give you an edge over your competition. People want to do business with brands they can trust and quick responses are a huge trust builder. It shows you care about your customers and appreciate their support and feedback.


How to Speed Up Your Social Media Response Time

Use a single platform to manage all social channels

By using a single platform to manage all of your social media channels, you can monitor all of your mentions, new posts, and comments in one place. By removing the need to have all applications open at once or toggle back and forth you can quickly and efficiently respond to all inquiries.


Create customizable response templates

It is likely that many of your customers will have similar questions, concerns, and issues. Knowing this, you can make customizable response templates for a variety of common situations. Using the template will allow you to cut down the time spent crafting a new response for every message. Don’t forget the customization piece though, you never want your customers to feel like they are seeing a templated response.


Share contact and support information in your bio

Make sure your customer service and support information is easy to find on your social media channels and website. Many customers resort to social media when they cannot find contact information. Making the information easy to find helps solve this common challenge.


Prioritize your most urgent messages and mentions first

Part of your social media strategy should be included a tiered system for responding to inquiries and crises accordingly. By creating a system you allow for the most urgent mentions and messages to be handled first, leaving room to handle simpler inquiries or positive mentions as time allows.


Train and empower your team to deal with problems

By training and empowering your team to deal with a variety of potential issues on their own, you cut down on response time dramatically. If they understand how to confidently respond to inquiries and problems on their own, you cut out the need for approvals on every little message and mention. Doing so allows your brand to reduce your response time dramatically.

Remember, the faster your respond to your customers and other followers on social media, the better. Focus on implementing the tips above to create small changes that will make a big difference over time.



If you are struggling with your response time or any other piece of your social media strategy, the Summa Media team is here to help. Contact our social media experts to learn more.

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