Roof Shield Logo Design

Transforming Your Brand

A picture is worth a thousand words. Tell your company’s story with a custom-tailored logo designed to capture your brand’s voice and values.


Sleek designs that transport your company’s look into the new era of roofing. Don’t chase the industry-standard - be the industry standard


Stand out from the crowd with our one-of-a-kind logos that are custom-tailored to your company’s values and vision


Your company’s voice, broken down into a single image that represents the story and goals of the business


Don’t get left behind with a logo that people see and forget. Stay at the top of your audience’s mind with an eye-catching design


We’re not just throwing something together, we’re taking our time to make sure that this symbol represents your roofing business’s vision to a T


T-Shirts. Hats. Flags. Mugs. We’ll create a logo that people will be excited to represent out in the world, a branding dream


Logo Process

Offering a lifetime workmanship warranty, Roof Shield’s logo needed to showcase the same safety and security that they provide to every home.

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