Additional 2 Inspections a Week Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn Commercial Outreach


The goal of this campaign was to improve RoofTek’s LinkedIn outreach process by automating as many of the steps as possible to generate more commercial meetings, bids, and estimates. By automating these processes, RoofTek could spend less time searching for clients and crafting their outreach message and more time locking down deals and getting on roofs to grow their roofing business.



Our team started this campaign with a detailed, immersive strategy meeting with RoofTek’s team to figure out their overarching goals of the outreach. We needed to figure out who they were trying to talk to and what they were trying to sell in order to most effectively run the campaign and tailor its content as directly to the target audience as possible.

During our discussion with RoofTek, we figured out that a goal of the campaign was to create mutually beneficial relationships with a number of professions that could help give them more roof jobs and grow their roofing business, with the end goal of getting those meetings, bids, and estimates mentioned above. Some of the professions they specified were property managers, commercial realtors, facility managers, insurance agents, and directors of facilities, all of which have a great upside when talking about the benefits a relationship with them can add to a roofing company. And because RoofTek is based in Utah and these relationships are most beneficial within a close proximity, we knew that we would be targeting those professions in this area.

Once we had established the who and the where of our campaign, it was time to focus on the what and the how. The “what” of this campaign was RoofTek’s incredible commercial and residential roofing services in Utah. Their premier workmanship and attention to detail, along with their solidified reputation in Utah, gave us more than enough material to get going on the campaign.

And the “how”, well, that’s the campaign itself! After we had established who we wanted to target and where they were and figured out what we were selling, we began the process of actually getting the campaign together. Our first step here was to find our target market on LinkedIn.

This is where the automation process begins, using LinkedIn and Phantombuster’s Search Export and Network Booster functions. We started this process by linking up RoofTek’s sales manager’s LinkedIn account to the Phantombuster account. After the accounts had been properly connected, we went to LinkedIn to search for our target audience, getting a list of each of our desired professions and filtering them correctly to make sure we are outreaching to our preferred market. After putting these search results into Phantombuster, we exported a CSV sheet of these potential clients and placed it into a Google Sheet.

After we properly exported our potential client lists to Google Sheets, we used the Network Booster in Phantombuster. We placed our target market spreadsheet into the Network Booster and created our automated opening message that would be sent out with each connection request in LinkedIn. The message was very simple:

“<<First Name>>- Your profile caught my eye while browsing local <<Industry>> professionals. I want to reach out and let you know that we are happy to help you with any roofing needs.

Tony Poole
RoofTek – A Roofing Partner You Can Trust”

In the above message, industry was replaced with whichever profession that message was targeting. Because our lists were segmented out between professions from LinkedIn, we ran custom tailored messages to each member of that specific industry to make sure we were as targeted as possible in our outreach.

Once the Network Booster was set up, we were off and running, with Phantombuster doing a lot of the work for us through our automation. We had it sending around 30 connection requests a day, complete with messages. And this process ran on autopilot for months, still sending out connection requests to this day.

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Our prospects continue to roll in for RoofTek, and both teams were extremely satisfied with the results of the campaign. Within the first week of the campaign being launched, RoofTek had gotten an estimate on a roof worth just under $20,000. And the connections just kept rolling in.

One of the best parts was that all the RoofTek team had to do was watch the client connection numbers grow and respond to any relevant messages on LinkedIn. No cold outreach needed as that was all done by our automated process.

At one point, Tony messaged us to say, “I don’t even have enough time to follow up with all these people!” Potential clients were coming in at such a hot rate that it overwhelmed the team over at RoofTek, which is one of the best problems a roofing company can have.

In total, as of today, the automated LinkedIn outreach campaign for RoofTek got the team on 42 roofs, with a thorough inspection and estimate given to each client. Over 2 inspections a week just from an automated outreach process! On top of that, the campaign also generated 88 “warm leads”. These warm leads were placed in an outreach spreadsheet because each one of them expressed interest in hiring RoofTek for their roofing needs but weren’t ready to commit just yet. We made a note of each message and when to follow up so that when the time does come, they will turn from warm leads to customers.

All in all, this campaign was a success for both Summa and RoofTek. Both companies were very excited about the results that followed the launch, from the estimate in the first week to inspection inquiries that are still rolling in after over 4 months of automated outreach.

Want to learn more?

Download the PDF to learn more about everything that went into the process, from our initial goals to the prep and the results that followed!

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