Signs That Your Roofing Business Needs New SEO Campaign

The most productive way for roofing companies to promote their products and services is through digital marketing. One very effective marketing strategy is search engine optimization (SEO). An SEO company provides SEO services to help promote roofing websites. This ensures the roofing websites appear naturally on a search engine results page. If you do not know where to start, contact an SEO company to help you.

Search engines like google use SEO to connect roofing companies to potential clients. For example, someone wanting roofing services will type roof repair on google search. If your roofing SEO campaign is working, then your company will appear on the first pages. The potential customer will then connect with your company and share their information. This could potentially lead to a sale. However, sometimes SEO campaigns do not translate into returns on investment. If your business already has a campaign, here are some signs to know if it is working or not.

Maximize on Your Local Roofing SEO if You Are Not Generating Leads

You may be attracting visitors to your roofing website, engaging and nurturing them. They show interest in your roofing business, open communication, and share information. Then nothing! In short, more leads should equal more customers, which should equal, more profits. However, you are not getting more customers and hence low or no profits. Lead generation should expand your roofing company quite fast. If you are having a lead generation problem, first confirm if you are targeting the right audience.

What can you do? Use specific, long-tail keywords. List your roofing company on google my business and maximize on your local SEO. Google Maps and google my business will allow customers in your locality to find you much easier.

Another tactic for generating leads is creating a multi-channel approach. Your digital marketing agency should help you with this. It gives you a presence on mobile apps and social media in addition to your website.

Your Roofing Website Is Not Ranking High on Search Engines

If your business has a working roofing SEO, you should appear on the first few pages of google search results. If not, you will be on the second or other pages. Whether on a mobile device or the desktop, visibility is crucial. There are different types of SEO strategies that will help you optimize this. Here are their examples and how they work.

On-page SEO makes the design and copywriting of websites as appealing as possible to search engines and websites. Off-page SEO makes your website appealing to other websites. This SEO strategy promotes link building, helping to manage your business presence on the internet. These two ultimately affect the ranking of your business on google’s search results.

Technical SEO is a subtype of on-page SEO. It uses web strategies to improve your website’s SEO score. Remember also to optimize your local SEO. It will increase your local ranking. Potential local roofing customers are more likely to go on google maps and find you this way.

Few Walk-Ins to Your Roofing Company

Research shows that most of the walk-ins you will get will be from mobile users. 82 percent of these users utilize their mobile devices to find places of interest in their locality. 90 percent of them will click on the suggestions on the first page. If you are getting few walk-ins, it could be because your website’s mobile platform is not user-friendly. Ensure that users have the best experience, like on a desktop, that the loading speed does not lag.

The Soul of Search Engine Optimization

Content marketing is the soul of your roofing business SEO. All roofing marketing activities that aim at engaging visitors are content marketing. It should create relevant and valuable information to help generate leads. Your content will do your internet marketing for you. It will drive potential customers into action.

If you offer more than one service, remember that clients search for services individually. Therefore, create content on different service pages. Do not just have content on your landing page. This will help to ensure you engage more with targeted traffic.

Great content will also help you with link building. Known brand influencers will recommend your products. Other roofing contractors, roofing companies, and even writers will have inbound links to your website. Google rewards activities that help users easily access relevant content.

You Have High Bounce Rates

High bounce rates are what happens when people come, look at your website, and leave. It starts with your meta descriptions. These generate click-throughs to your roofing website. If it does not match your content, then your potential clients will bounce. Do not use the same description on each service page. Use one that will produce an organic search result for the user. This will help them to find relevant content easily. It also produces trust in your company.

Understand your bounce rates using google analytics. You will realize that high bounce rates are not always bad. They may also mean that visitors found what they were looking for on the landing page. This is okay, but find ways to engage your visitors further. Have proper search engine optimization.

A Flood of Keywords

Google keyword planner helps you with keyword research for your roofing SEO campaign. It comes up with valuable competitive keywords that will keep you relevant in the roofing industry. Many other free keyword research tools do the same thing. However, be careful on how you use keywords so that you have organic content. Using a flood of roofing keywords will sound unnatural and boring. Engage your readers’ interests, and you will not only generate leads. You will also rank higher on search results.

These are some of the signs that you need to know as a business owner. If you see any of these, change your strategy. However, do not let your roofing SEO efforts put you down. If you do not know what to do, get an SEO agency to do it for you.

Reach Out to Summa Media for New SEO Campaign in Your Roofing Business

Summa Media offers a range of services to help you with all aspects of your roofing business. From marketing and advertising to SEO, we offer the expertise needed for every step in the process. Whether it is developing an efficient roofing SEO strategy or implementing that strategy into your digital marketing plan, our team will be there every step of the way. Visit Summa Media for a consultation, or you can also call us today at our phone number (720) 730-9036.

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