Signs Your Roofing Brand May Need a Refresh

It can be difficult to know whether or not your roofing company’s branding needs a refresh. On one hand, your brand image is a huge part of your identity and is how people recognize you. Updating it too often can lead to confusion. On the other hand, you want your brand image to be fresh, modern, and an accurate representation of your current offerings and mission.

Today, the Summa Media team is sharing the top five signs that you may be in need of a brand refresh. Keep reading below to see if it might be time to refresh your roofing company’s brand!


1.  Your Mission or Service Offerings Have Evolved

If your mission or core service offerings have changed over time, this can be a major sign that it is time for a brand refresh. For instance, if you originally started out as solely as a roofing contractor, but have expanded into a total home contractor, renovating both interiors and exteriors, it’s time for a refresh to make sure your brand aligns with all of your offerings.


2.  Your Target Market is Changing

As your brand grows and evolves, your target market may do so along with it. For instance, maybe you got your start as a budget roofing contractor targeting first-time home buyers, but as you gained your footing those clients continued to use your services on their subsequent homes, now you’re working primarily luxury homes. The branding that will attract those very different clients is also very different. If this story sounds familiar, it’s time for an update!


3.  Your Branding Feels Outdated

Did you launch your roofing business in the ’90s? Have you updated any of your branding since? If your answers to those questions are yes and no, it is definitely time for an update. Updates like these don’t need to be major, just a few tweaks to modernize the look and feel of your brand.


4.  Your Brand Isn’t Memorable

When you think about your branding, does it stand out from the crowd? Whether it is an interesting logo or a catchy slogan, you need something that helps your brand stand out from the hundreds of other roofing companies in the area. If you can’t think of what sets your brand image apart, you might want to consider adding something to spice it up


5.  You’re Having Trouble Attracting New Talent

This last point tends to be forgotten but is so important to consider. If you are having trouble finding new talent to help grow your team, it might be because your branding isn’t particularly attractive to candidates. And if your branding isn’t attractive to eager prospective employees, it certainly will not be attractive to prospective clients. If you’re having trouble getting applicants to posted openings, take a look at your branding.

Branding is everything! It is the first impression your business gives to prospective employees, candidates, and your competition and you want it to make a good one. If you are in the market for a brand refresh, the Summa Media team is here for you. Give our team a call today to learn more about our branding services!

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