In times of crisis everything that you do and say as a brand comes under intense scrutiny. Not only are people watching the actions you are taking to protect your employees and clients, they are also paying close attention to your marketing campaigns during this time.

In order to protect your brand’s image as we navigate these turbulent times, there are a few best practices you should employ to help ensure your communications are well received. Today the Summa Media team is sharing our advice for smart and responsible marketing in crisis. Keep reading below to learn more.


Adjust Marketing Campaigns

At Summa Media, we understand that our digital media Denver client’s content is often planned for months or quarters at a time. It can be frustrating to scrap the results of all of your previous time and effort, however during this time you must do an audit of your campaigns to evaluate whether or not they are still appropriate.

First, decide what must be paused or canceled immediately. If possible, pushback timelines for major campaigns that will either go unnoticed or may come across as insensitive. Next, determine what content you can prioritize, push forward, or easily adjust to use during this time. And remember, just because you need to push or pause a campaign, doesn’t mean the effort was for nothing. You can always revisit that content at a later date, so be sure to hold on to it.


Evaluate Imagery And Language

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and now more than ever it is important to consider the message your brand is sending through visuals. The Summa Media team recommends our digital media Denver clients avoid imagery that could be triggering such as images of people touching or any large gatherings. We also advise that our digital media Denver clients consider the language they are using. Phrases such as: to die for, killer deal, or contagious excitement should be avoided for now.


Don’t Capitalize On The Crisis

During this time of uncertainty it is important to carefully manage your promotional efforts to avoid appearing as though you are trying to capitalize on the crisis. If sales are down it can be tempting to run promotions to try and boost numbers, but avoid language such as: “Hot COVID-19 Sale!” Or “Special COVID-19 Financing Available!” That type of messaging can come across as tactless and in poor taste.


Remain Positive Without Being Tone Deaf

Although times are extremely difficult, you should not fuel the fire by sharing grim or negative messages. Focus on demonstrating your core values in both your messaging and action. We recommend that our digital media Denver clients let their brand’s personality shine through and try to keep their tone uplifting and optimistic without completely ignoring the current social climate.


How Are You Helping?

If your brand is giving back to your community right now whether through time, money, or other unique avenues it is okay to bring attention to those efforts. We always remind our digital media Denver clients that people want to do business with brands they feel they can trust. And even if they cannot afford or do not need your products and services now, they will remember the admirable way you responded during crisis in the future.

On the other hand, if your brand can add value to customer’s lives during this time by providing entertainment, connectivity outlets, or productivity tools it is okay to promote that too. Explain your brand’s unique value during this time and let that be the focus.

During times of crisis it is important to remember that your marketing efforts hold more power than you realize and it is important to exercise that power carefully. Focus on creating content that is meaningful, valuable, and situationally appropriate.



If you are a marketer who is focusing on smart and responsible marketing during this time, the Summa Media team wants to hear from you. Share your best practices with us and our digital media Denver clients in the comments below!

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