The Summa Media team has found that one of the best ways to help our social media marketing Denver based clients get noticed is through Facebook video ads. Facebook videos receive over 8 billion views a day and that statistic will only continue to increase in the new year.

However, in addition to a high number of Facebook video views per day, Facebook is also home to millions of videos that compete for user attention. In order to make your video ad stand out among the competition, it is important to have a great hook to capture your audience. The hook is a concept that the Summa Media team works on closely with all of our social media marketing Denver based clients and today we are going to share our secrets with you.

Below the Summa Media team will explore what a hook is and discuss why a strong hook is important. We will close out by sharing our top tips for creating a killer hook in your Facebook video ads. Keep reading below to learn more.


What is a hook and why is it so important?

A hook is the first ten seconds of content that runs in your Facebook video ad or in other words, it is the video’s introduction. These first 10 seconds are critical and need to be used correctly in order to ‘hook’ your viewers. If a viewer isn’t interested in your content within the first 10 seconds they will continue to scroll through their feed, forgetting all about your ad and your brand.


Summa Media’s Top Tips for Creating a Killer Hook

1. Display your logo early and often

How many times have you started watching a Facebook video only to realize that you have absolutely no idea who or what the video is advertising? Quite a few I would imagine. Don’t make that mistake in your own Facebook video ads. Share your logo or brand mark early and often so that viewers know who you are and will not forget who you are.


2. Captions are your friend

85% of Facebook videos are viewed with the sound off and as a marketer your goal is to ensure that your content is accessible to everyone. Nothing will make a viewer drop-off quicker than a video they cannot understand. Use captions to convey any audio to prevent frustration and bounce rates.


3. Invest in high quality video content

Although not every video that you share on Facebook needs to be high quality, Facebook video ads absolutely need to be professional and polished. At Summa Media we encourage our social media marketing Denver based clients to use professional producers and editors for any ad content that they create to ensure they portray a positive brand image. Save the unedited iPhone videos for your Facebook Stories and Lives.


4. Share the value proposition early

Is the purpose of your ad to promote a sale or discount on your products or services? Consumers love a good deal and a good deal is guaranteed to capture audience attention. Hook viewers by sharing the promotion early on and then use the rest of the video to explain the why behind the deal or how they can go about claiming it. Be sure to include a call to action to encourage viewers to follow through.


5. Authenticity above all else

At Summa Media, we like to talk about the importance of authenticity in your content because we believe authenticity has the power to set you apart. One of the biggest challenges of doing business online is the lack of human connection. Share an authentic and honest look into your brand to capture your audience’s attention and appeal to their emotions.


6. Communicate your why

Why are you running this particular ad? Are you sharing a sale? Are you debuting a new product? Are you trying to drive new website visits? Whatever the why behind your video, don’t leave viewers in the dark. Communicate your why within the first 10-seconds so your audience understands why they are watching your ad and what you want them to take from the ad.


7. Strong visuals are key

Human beings are extremely visual creatures and we often need to see things with our own two eyes in order to believe or understand them. To help get your point across, don’t just tell your audience something, use strong visuals in your Facebook video ads in order to show them your message.


8. 3 is the magic number

If nothing else, you want your viewers to stick around for at least 3 seconds of your video. 3 seconds is the magic number that will give you measurable data on the people viewing your video. You can then analyze and use this data for retargeting campaigns to help move these viewers through the Facebook ad sales funnel.


9. A/B Testing will provide key metrics

When implementing any new strategies into your digital media strategy, the Summa Media team always encourages our social media marketing Denver based clients to run A/B tests. Test different hooks by running A/B tests on your Facebook video ads to determine where you are seeing the most success and where you still have room for improvement.

Now that you understand the basics of a hook and are armed with Summa Media’s secrets to creating a killer hook, it is time to put our advice into action. Follow the tips above when creating your next Facebook video ad campaign in order to maximize your results.



Do you have experience with Facebook video ads? Share your top tips for creating a killer hook with the Summa Media team in the comments below.

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