What All Roofing Company’s Websites Should Have

In 2020, it isn’t enough to just have a website for prospective clients to browse, you need to have a good website. We have all been on a bad website, one that barely loads with broken links, hard to read fonts, and impossible to find information. And what do we do when we end up on a site like that? Most of us drop off immediately and turn to a competitor. Preferably a competitor with a more professional and navigable website.

As a roofer, your website should be among the good websites. Having a good website will help attract new customers, establish trust among viewers, and can even help boost your ranking in Google search results.

Today, the Summa Media team is going to walk you through the elements that every roofing company’s website must-have.

What Every Roofing Company’s Website Should Have

An Updated, Professional Layout

First and foremost your website should have an updated and professional look and feel. Roofing company’s with outdated websites tend to be categorized as fly by night roofers that buyers are hesitant to trust. Working with a web designer to bring your website up to modern standards is an easy fix.

About Page

People want to know who they are doing business with. Adding an ‘About Page’ to your website is an easy way to introduce yourself to prospective customers and establish a connection with them without even making contact. Your About Page should tell the reader how your roofing business first got started, introduce the owner and a few of the other key players, and take your company’s mission statement and values into account.

List of Services

Your website needs to have a page that shares the services that your roofing company offers, both for residential and commercial roofs. It doesn’t need to list every single service in detail, but giving viewers a general idea helps to solidify your company as one that could solve their problems.

Materials Offered

Give your prospective clients an idea of the different types and brands of shingles, metal roofing, and flat roofing that you have available for them to choose from. Sharing this information on your website will help potential clients get a better understanding of the choices working with you would give them.

Special Technologies Used

Does your roofing company utilize special technology such as drone imaging or virtual measurements for estimates? If so, share those things on your website! As a customer, seeing that a roofer is on the cutting edge of technology helps establish trust that this roofer will deliver a high quality, modern final product.

Financing Options

We know that you likely don’t want to share all of the financing options you offer your clients on your website and that is fine. You do, however, need to give them a small peek. Consider adding a brief description of your experience working with insurance companies and let clients know if you offer financing directly through your company.


Testimonials and online reviews are hugely important to help establish trust with potential customers. Create a dedicated section of your website to share testimonials from previous customers. When asking past, happy customers for testimonials ask them to talk about their experience from both a customer service angle and a product satisfaction.

Image Gallery

Prospective customers want to know what your previous work looks like! If you do not already have one, add a gallery to your website that showcases previous projects. Show a variety of projects with different materials, home sizes, colors, and seasons featured to give viewers a full picture of your workmanship.

Easy to Find Contact Information

You could have the best website in the world, but if people can’t figure out how to get in touch with you, you will lose their business. Make sure your contact information — email address and phone number — are both easy to find on the site. Create a separate contact us page is easy to find from other pages so you no one drops off while they are searching for the information.


Creating a blog for your roofing company’s website is so important, but so few roofers choose to do so. Writing weekly or bi-weekly blog posts has numerous benefits for your business. First, regular blog posts help to improve your SEO rankings by allowing you to focus on relevant keywords and ensuring your website is kept up to date with regular content updates. Second, a blog helps establish your company as an authority figure for all things roofing.

This list might seem a bit daunting to get started on, but that’s where digital agencies like Summa Media come in. At Summa Media, we have a team of experts on staff dedicated to building websites for roofers and contractors that include exactly what you need to succeed.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of redesigning your website, give the Summa Media team a call today to learn more about the services we offer!

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