Too often we see businesses fail to prioritize social media management. They often relegate social media management duties to an unpaid intern or add it to the to-do list of overworked marketing managers who do not have the time or skillset necessary to deliver a strong social media strategy.

Social media has become a vital component of most brand’s overall marketing strategies and it is imperative to treat it as such. By hiring a dedicated social media manager or outsourcing your social media management to a team of experts like our specialists at Summa Media, you will see a significant ROI from your efforts.

Whether bringing someone in house or outsourcing to an agency, there are a few key traits you will want to look for in your social media managers. Today the team at Summa Media is sharing these qualities with you. Keep reading to learn what they are.


Social Media Managers are Organized…

Organization is one of the single most important qualities to look for in your social media manager. Social media management is a multi-faceted, multi-platform effort and it is important that your social media manager understands how to stay on top of each individual component.

When interviewing candidates for your social media manager opening inquire about how they stay organized. Questions to ask include what calendar systems do they use, what content scheduling tools are they a fan of, and how do they juggle tight deadlines?


But They Also Understand Spontaneity

Although organization is a major component of social media management, you also need to have an expert who is comfortable adapting their content schedule for any unexpected events.

For example this spring when the COVID-19 pandemic began, social media managers and agencies across the world had to adapt their content schedules to fit both their organizations reactions and the global mood. Look for a social media manager that has experience and comfortability pivoting when appropriate and necessary.


Social Media Managers are Creative…

Social media management is art centered on creating content first and foremost. This includes copywriting, editing, video, photography, and more. Your social media manager or agency should, by nature, be extremely creative and be afforded the creative freedom to let their ideas thrive.


But They Also Are Extremely Metrics Driven

Social media managers are responsible for not only communicating the value of your brand to potential customers via social media channels, they are also responsible for demonstrating the value of their efforts to management. Good social media managers and social media agencies will be able to use analytics, tools, and reporting metrics to prove ROI. When interviewing candidates or agencies, ask what metrics and KPIs they use to report on and how exactly they measure and analyze the data.


Social Media Managers Understand the Importance of Research…

A good social media manager understands how to properly conduct and save research related to their campaign efforts. They know how to conduct market research, analyze statistics, examine audience segmentation, and fact check any posts before publishing them.


But They Also Maintaining a Keen Eye for Aesthetics

Social media managers and agencies know that a picture is worth a thousand words and it is important that your website and social media pages have an aesthetic that matches your brand’s personality. They understand how to use pictures and videos to tell a cohesive story and convey the right message to your audience.



If you are looking for assistance with your social media strategy the Summa Media team is here to help. Whether you are looking to outsource your entire strategy or bring a social media specialist onto your staff our team can help answer your questions. Contact us today to learn more.

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