Why Your Roofing Business Should Leverage Text Campaigns

What is the one thing you never leave home without? If you’re anything like the Summa Media team or the majority of Americans, you’re more likely to forget your wallet or your keys than you are your cell phone. 


The average American spends 5.4 hours per day on their cell phone. That’s not time spent near their phone or even talking on their phone, it’s 5.4 hours of time spent looking at their phone. This time is split in a variety of ways including scrolling social media, playing games, watching YouTube videos, and of course, sending text messages. 


With the average person spending so much time a day on their cell phones, it’s no wonder text messaging campaigns have become a big marketing medium in recent years. As businesses we need to meet our target audience where they are and it seems most of them are on their phones. 


Today, the Summa Media team is going to explore how your roofing company can begin leveraging text messaging to better reach leads and clients.


Leveraging Text Messaging as a Roofing Contractor


Follow Up With Leads 


A simple way to leverage text messaging is implementing it to follow up with already warm leads. For example, when a lead fills out a request for information form on your website, you likely have them enter their phone number and email address. These days, with so many junk emails out there, following up via text message instead of email is a surefire way to prevent your name from getting lost in the clutter.


Provide Appointment Updates


Text reminders are a great way to ensure that your leads and clients never miss an appointment! As we discussed before, Americans are always on their phones and are much more likely to see a text message than an email or a calendar notification. Use texting to remind people of upcoming appointments, confirm appointments, and manage/reschedule appointments when necessary.


Multi-Channel Marketing


If you are running a marketing campaign, setting up an SMS keyword and shortcode campaign is a great way to increase engagement because it is so simple and convenient for leads. For example, ending a radio commercial with a call-to-action such as:


“To schedule your free roof inspection text INSPECTION to 303-03 and one of our scheduling assistants will reply with a link to book!” 


This easy call-to-action works not just on radio ads, but on television, in print, and online as well.


Ask for Feedback


If you have recently wrapped a project, now is a great time to ask for a happy customer’s positive review! Texting a client with a request for feedback and a simple link to your preferred review platform (eg. Facebook, Google, or Yelp) puts the review at the literal tips of their fingers, making it simple and convenient for them to follow through.


Text Messaging Best Practices


Keep It Short and Simple


When sending a text message to a lead or client, you need to keep the copy short and sweet. No one is going to read a multi-paragraph text message that requires them to scroll or focus for longer than 10 to 15 seconds. 


Do Not Spam Subscribers


The quickest way for you to lose text subscribers and therefore, leads and clients is by spamming them with messages everyday. Limit the number of text messages you send to weekly or even monthly to ensure that your texts are well-received.


Allow for Easy Opt-Out


If and when a client is ready to opt-out of your text messages, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. They should be able to respond to your text message thread with a simple “Unsubscribe” and that will remove them from your list, no questions asked or follow up required.

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Mobile devices and text messaging have both proven that they are here for the long haul and it is time for your roofing company to start using them to your advantage! If you’re ready to start using text messaging for your roofing company, but need some guidance first, the Summa Media team is here to help. Give our team a call today to learn more about our services!

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