Why Your Roofing Company Needs a Blog

Although many roofing companies approach Summa Media for help with their digital marketing strategies, we have yet to have a client unsurprised when we tell them they need to start a blog.

Oftentimes when Summa Media broaches the subject of blogging with our roofing clients we are met with eye rolls, suspicion, and the occasional, “You mean like my teenage daughter’s fashion blog?!” While we aren’t telling you to start a fashion blog, your teenage daughter is onto the benefits of blogging!

In recent years blogs have become an essential digital tool for all businesses to utilize to help increase brand exposure and drive more website traffic. Today, the Summa Media team is sharing the five reasons your roofing company needs a blog, these reasons will appeal to even the biggest skeptics. Keep reading below to learn more!

Five Reasons Your Roofing Company Needs a Blog

Increase Your Online Visibility

Blogs are a great way to strengthen your SEO and drive more traffic to your website. By creating fresh, well written articles that incorporate relevant keywords, images, and links, you are playing into Google’s algorithm.

The more blog content your roofing company puts out, the more opportunities you have to appear in searches. Aim for at least one blog post a week in the beginning to help establish a cadence and build up a library of discoverable content.

  • Establish Yourself As a Subject Matter Expert

Running a blog that provides free, valuable information on the roofing industry to readers helps establish you as a subject matter expert on roofing. When you are regularly putting out content and keeping up with changing trends in the industry, readers know that they can trust you as an authority figure in the space.

Although a reader might not need your services at the very moment they come across your blog, establishing yourself as this voice of authority helps to ensure that your name is top of mind when they do.

  • Social Sharing Potential

Blogging is an easy way to create content to help make you more discoverable on social media. Each blog post you create is content that you and your readers can immediately share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Instagram.

Say you write a really informative blog post about protecting your home from hail damage and a reader thinks this information is really insightful and wants to share it with her friends. She then copies and pastes the link to the blog post on her Facebook page and shares it with all of her connections. Now, your blog post is reaching an audience it may never would have otherwise.

  • Boost Email List Sign Ups

Email marketing is an important marketing strategy for roofers and your blog is a great way to drive email sign ups. If readers find your blog intelligent, informative, and entertaining, they are likely going to be intrigued by your newsletters.

To make it easy for readers to sign up for your newsletter or email campaigns, include links within your blog posts. This makes it easy for customers who are interested in receiving more from you sign up to do so.

  • Client Connection

A blog is one of the best possible ways to keep your audience up to date on all of the goings on in your business. While your social media channels might be great for short updates and your website is the perfect place to house static content, your blog is the best channel for sharing lengthier updates and in depth announcements.

It is also a great medium to allow your clients to get to know you not just as a roofer, but as a person as well. Let your roofing brand’s personality shine through in your blog posts to allow your clients to better to get to know who you are.

If you are interested in starting a blog for your roofing company, but don’t have the time or energy to add content creation to your plate, the Summa Media team is here to help. Give our team a call today to learn how we’ve helped roofers get their blogs off the ground!

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