Why Your Roofing Company Should Be On Pinterest

Pinterest was originally founded 10 years ago, but since that time it has grown from 5,000 users in August 2010 to over 320 million users worldwide. In recent years, the platform has evolved from a business tool aimed mostly at bloggers to a marketing and advertising tool for all businesses, roofers included. 


Today, the Summa Media team is excited to explore Pinterest with our roofing clients. We’ll start by discussing what Pinterest is for anyone unfamiliar before explaining why Pinterest is a must use tool for your roofing business. Keep reading below to learn more!


What Is Pinterest?


Pinterest describes itself as a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. In practice, users create boards representing different categories such as home decor, recipes, and workout ideas. They then Pin relevant content to their boards to return to when they are ready to take action on that particular category.


Why Your Roofing Business Should Use Pinterest


Pinterest is a must use tools for businesses to increase brand awareness and display their goods and services to the world. The three main reasons your roofing should be on Pinterest include:


  • Use Boards to Highlight Your Best Work


As we mentioned above, on Pinterest, you can create boards which you will then Pin images with links to for users to view and re-Pin on their own boards. Your boards are a great place for you to display your best work. Curate boards based on specific types of projects you’ve done so that users can easily find the board that matches their needs and look through that work. Make sure the content you Pin is aesthetically pleasing as Pinterest is a visual tool.


  • Drive Visitors to Your Website


The platform offers a great way to drive visitors to your website, as long as you utilize it correctly. All of your Pins will contain links that connect viewers to external pages. Your Pins should link to pages on your website that correspond with the image such as blog posts, service offerings, and image galleries.


  • Use Pinterest to Conduct Research


Pinterest is the perfect place to conduct market research and keep up with industry trends. By using the platform you can keep an eye on what roofers, interior designers, and real estate developers are doing all over the country to help stay on top of the leading home aesthetic. You can also keep watch over what users in your target demographic are pinning to see what decor preferences they are leaning towards.


Tips for Success


  • Create Professional Appearance


When creating your profile on Pinterest you need to take the time to create a professional appearance to ensure that you are taken seriously by followers. In order to create a profile that is as professional as possible you should add your company logo to the image, insert a company bio where directed, and follow subject matter that is relevant to your industry.


  • Carefully Curate Your Pins


When adding Pins to your board, you need to ensure that the Pins are done correctly. This means, taking the time to double check the link that the Pin directs to, changing the caption to one that fits the image, and Pinning correct content on the correct boards to create a cohesive feel on your boards. 


  • Post Regularly 


Like all other social media channels, you must use Pinterest consistently for the best results. Updating your page and Pins on a regular basis ensures that your client base and other fans are kept up to date with your latest work and projects. 

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Adding any new social media tool to your digital strategy might feel daunting at first and if that’s the case, the Summa Media team is here to help. Give our team a call today to learn more about the social media services we offer to roofers like you!

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