Content marketing is one of the main reasons brands seek help from digital agencies like Summa Media. Sometimes they reach out because they aren’t exactly sure what content marketing is and they are interested in learning more. Other times they reach out because they don’t quite know what direction to take their content marketing strategy in. And more often than not, they reach out because they understand the importance of content marketing, but simply do not have time to work on content creation themselves.

No matter what the reason you are seeking more information on content marketing today, the Summa Media team is here to help. Below you will find our answers to your content marketing FAQs. Once you are done reading through everything sound off with your follow up questions in the comments below.


What is content marketing?

As opposed to traditional marketing that typically focuses on a company and their products or services, content marketing focuses on the customer’s needs first and foremost. Well-done content marketing will provide the viewer with valuable, informative, and educational information for free. This helps the brand establish a relationship based on trust and authenticity with the end goal of converting the viewer to a customer.


What qualifies as content and what types of content should we focus on?

Any valuable information presented via a variety of mediums can qualify as content. Some of the more popular content formats including blog posts, videos, infographics, free e-books, white papers, webinars, podcasts, and more.

As for the type of content your brand should focus on, that will depend on a variety of factors. Things such as industry, target customer profile, budget, and end goal will all influence the content that will preform best for you.


Why is educating customers my responsibility?

Well, we suppose if you are against educating your customers you don’t have to, however educating your customers and providing them with free resources is invaluable. By taking the time to educate your customers, rather than focusing on pushing a product or service at them, you are establishing trust with your customer. Seeing you as a trusted resource also helps to build an authentic brand to consumer connection and helps ensure long-term customer loyalty.


How does content marketing drive revenue?

Content marketing helps drive revenue in a few different ways. First, it helps the top of the sales funnel, by building brand awareness and introducing your business to new people. It also helps to nurture leads by providing them with free, relevant information. And last, it helps by increasing buyer engagement with your brand over time.


How do we measure ROI on content marketing?

Just like any other marketing efforts, there are a number of metrics that you will want to pay attention to in order to determine the success of your content marketing strategy. Key metrics related to ROI include lead quality, web traffic, bounce rate, and engagement. When determining the metrics you will want to pay the most attention to, start by defining the end goal you are working to reach and focus on metrics that will support said goal.


Is content marketing expensive?

Your content marketing expenditures will ultimately come down to a few different factors including type of content, frequency of content, equipment needed, and the creator’s rates. The best thing about content marketing is that is extremely customizable and you can choose to create a content strategy that fits your budget and goals.


Where do content creators find inspiration?

To put it simply – everywhere! Content creators are some of the most observant individuals. They spend their time seeking inspiration from the outside world, paying attention to what motivates people, what excites them, and what incites an emotional response. Content creators are also extremely skilled at research, they pay attention to industry trends and current events to ensure that their content is relevant and informative.


How does social media fit into content marketing?

Promoting your content on social media is a huge part of content creation. In fact, it is such a huge part that some experts say you should have a 80-20 split between time spent promoting your content and time spent creating your content. And to any social media skeptics, we always ask — if you aren’t sharing your content, how do you expect people to find it?


What is the difference between timely content and evergreen content?

Timely content is content that addresses current events, developments, and changes as they are relevant to your industry. It is a great way to draw traffic to your website and show that your brand stays up to date on current trends.

Evergreen content is content that will attract visitors for months and years. It is typically educational or provides viewers with something they can use. Examples of evergreen content include a free recipe on a home goods store’s blog, a free workout on a gym’s YouTube channel, or a DIY jewelry cleaning infographic on a jeweler’s website.

It is important to have a mix of both timely and evergreen content in order to continue attracting new visitors and keeping repeat visitors interested.


How do I get people to view my content?

It is important to promote your content in a variety of ways. Sharing content on your social media channels and distributing content via your email list are simple ways to capture attention. You’ll want to include attention grabbing headlines and relevant images to really draw people in. You should also focus on SEO and keywords in your written content in order to boost your organic website traffic rankings.



A strong content marketing plan can do wonders for your overall marketing strategy. If you are interested in boosting your digital marketing efforts by focusing on content creation, contact the Summa Media team today to learn how our team can help.

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