Commercial Lead Generation Strategy for Roofing Companies

Finding qualified leads is one of the major challenges for any roofing business. As in many other businesses, finding new clients is essential to your organization. If you do it right the first time, the foundation you built ensures you do not have to redo it for years to come. Clients will seek you out due to the reputation you have in place. Only the best lead generation companies can achieve this.

Every building has a roof, and once in a while, they need replacements and repairs. To do this, you need to find clients that are in need of these services. This is easily achieved if your business has an airtight lead generation and marketing strategy in place.

Commercial Lead Generation Services

As you delve into new ways of lead generation, one of the most important things to put in mind is that marketing is an investment. You will have to invest a substantial amount of your time and money in materializing a successful marketing strategy. You should also keep in mind that marketing is a continual expense. For instance, paying once for an advertisement campaign can generate good results in terms of roofing leads. However, failure to follow up or continue with the ad campaign can result in your lead generation efforts beginning to shrink.

Strategies for Lead Generation Companies Using B2C and B2B Commercial Leads

There are two main types of commercial roofing leads, namely B2C (business to consumer) leads and B2B (business to business) leads. B2B lead generation mostly involves commercial clients or industrial businesses in need of roofing services. On the other hand, B2C is generally for clients requiring roofing services for their residential premises.

For this reason, the method of commercial lead generation you will put in place for B2C might not be as detailed as the one for B2B. Most B2B lead generation customers are also business owners who better understand lead generation strategies. Customizing your marketing tactics to your target audience will help to establish you as a leader in the roofing industry and bring you more business.

Here are a few ways to get commercial roofing leads.

High Quality Leads Through Referrals

Referrals are by far the most common way to generate leads for businesses offering commercial roofing services. Clients that come to you through referrals tend to become loyal and spend more. However, there is a downside to referrals too. You cannot accurately quantify or predict how many clients you will get through referrals. You can only depend on your current clients to refer you to other potential customers. There are also a few ways you can increase your referrals for your commercial roofing business.

  • Sending newsletters to your database that are value-driven. They should provide important information and also have a call to action asking for referrals at the end.
  • Sending Christmas cards, birthday cards, and other special event cards to your clients. By doing so, you are letting them know that you appreciate and think of them. This builds a strong relationship with them and brings about loyalty.
  • Ensuring that your customers can contact you easily. Roofing businesses that are hard to reach end up missing the opportunity to respond to referrals promptly.
  • Always go the extra mile in service delivery and customer support.

Lead Generation Through Telemarketing

Telemarketing has been around for a while. Commercial lead generation for roofing companies has been successfully achieved using this method for a long time. While various companies can sell you leads, there is also a limitation to this method. This mainly has to do with advances in technology. In today’s world, blocking out telemarketers is quite easy.

Door to Door Lead Generation Services

Canvassing is another common sales and marketing solution for most roofing companies. A top marketing agency knows that a face-to-face marketing strategy always outdoes other strategies. For instance, when a disaster such as a storm hits a certain area, roofing companies that move in swiftly will have a better advantage.

Lead Generation Through Search Engine Optimization

SEO is very much relevant when it comes to lead generation for your business. There are main aspects to SEO. They include the use of keywords, backlinking, and content marketing.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Or Pay per Click (PPC) Marketing

According to lead generation companies, here are a few facts regarding pay per click lead generation:

  • About 85 percent of people go online to find businesses.
  • About 41 percent of clicks go to the leading three paid adverts on a search engine results page.
  • For every one dollar a business spends in Google Ads, they make an income of about two dollars.
  • Pay per click visitors is more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors by 50 percent.

Rising costs notwithstanding, PPC is still one of the fastest and most effective ways to generate leads for your roofing company. Top lead generation companies can ensure you start seeing leads within a week. You can generate both commercial and residential roofing leads using PPC, Adwords, and Bing Ads, just to name a few.

Give Your Website a Facelift

Your business’ website is the best source of information for potential customers. Similarly, it is one of the most powerful lead generation tools. Most prospective clients perform online research long before they contact your sales team. B2B customers such as building managers and property owners will spend a long time on your website to ascertain that you meet their requirements.

According to statistics, about 68 percent of such customers do online researches, and a further 60 percent do not rely on information from sales reps. Instead, a well-designed and detailed website will suffice. To increase your business website’s conversion optimization, lead generation companies:

  • Make the website’s contact form easy to fill out. You can also add incentives such as free quotes after filling out the form.
  • Create deeply enlightening pages detailing your roofing services. Prospective clients prefer getting this information without having to contact you.
  • Make the website quite visually appealing. Ensure the pages are easy to read and also use high-quality imagery.

Contact Summa Media for Commercial Lead Generation Strategy in Denver, CO

If you’re a roofing contractor, you know that lead generation is paramount to driving revenue for your company. Without having a dependable way of generating leads, it’s easy to see how decreased revenue could be the result. To this end, Summa Media offers one of the best lead generation solutions available today. Our CRM consulting services and our customized lead generation process is tailored specifically for roofing contractors; whether we’re working with someone who has been in business for decades or just starting out as an entrepreneur – we can help them grow their customer base and increase sales through targeted marketing strategies like email campaigns and social media advertising. We take pride in helping other roofing contractors do what they love by providing excellent service at affordable rates!

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