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Strive to Thrive

Our CEO and founder, Nick Peret, found himself in a bit of a pickle when he first moved to Denver. Raised by a family of contractors, he started his post-college career as a salesman for a tool company, bouncing from store to store and talking with members of the industry every day. And he just kept hearing the same thing: business is good, but it could be better.


Growing a Creative Culture

As those words kept ringing around in his ear, he knew there was something he could do to help. At the same time, he knew that making 150 phone calls a day wasn’t how he wanted to spend his day. With those two ideas at the forefront of his thoughts, Summa Media was born.

Summa Media is here to create the modern day contractor. As the years rolled on and the business grew, so did the team. We’ve got an expert to help you in every field of growing your roofing business. Our lead gen team will find those people you’ve been searching for and get you in front of them with our digital door knocking. Our designers and coders will put your brand’s story into a conversion-based, responsive website that’ll keep customers on there. Whatever it may be, Summa Media is here to help you elevate your business.

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Summa Squad

Ready To Elevate Your Business?​


What Motivates Us To Dream Big

The Summa Media team comes to work each and every day ready to win the day with these core values in mind.


Not only are we a company, but we are the Summa Fam. Summa is a platform for us to grow our relationships and reach our goals.


As a team, we keep each other accountable and complete our responsibilities so that we do not let each other down. Accountability is love. It’s never in someone’s best interest to deliver less than expected.


Communication is the key to forming relationships with our team and our clients. We want everyone we work with to be unafraid to share their thoughts and speak their mind, because that is how we'll grow and improve.


As an organization, we want to continue to scale and reach for big goals, but we also want to grow as individuals. Personal growth gives us more value to offer others.


Each member of our team has a variety of skill sets to offer. The best way to expand on this is to work together and tackle difficult tasks as a team.


Team Mindset

Work hard, play hard, as they say. And we take both of those phrases to heart. The Summa Media team will put in every hour necessary to not only hit your roofing business’s goals but blow right past them. And then, when most people are trying to avoid their coworkers, we stick together as a family to hit our own goals.

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The Roofing Academy

Nick met Randy Brothers at the start of his journey with Summa Media and instantly connected, seeing the value in having someone that knowledgeable in his corner. And that relationship has grown into a partnership, co-hosting The Start, Build, Grow Show live every Wednesday together as well as constantly chatting about business ideas, their next moves, and more.


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We’re so excited to get the chance to talk to you and are ready to answer any questions you may have! Book a call to see how the Summa Media team can help your roofing business get more leads, book more meetings, and get on more roofs today!

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