From 7 Estimates to 80 in Just 5 Months of SEO

SEO Marketing Campaign


Our goal for this SEO marketing campaign was to increase the visibility of Farha Roofing on various search engines. The ultimate goal of increasing this visibility is to get as many people on to the website and eventually, to book as many inspections as possible for an increase in jobs for the business.

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There were multiple lanes that we used to improve the SEO for the Farha website. We first targeted the Google My Business page, as there is plenty of opportunity through there. Our first step was correctly optimizing the page for keywords and target locations, running through the entire website’s content to ensure it is fully optimized for the highest volume keywords and locations.

Along with correctly optimizing the Google My Business page, we responded to all the reviews and answered any previously not responded to messages. This helped show Google that we are engaged, that the Google My Business page is constantly running and attended to in every market that they operate in, improving the SEO dramatically.

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Another way we looked to improve the SEO was by posting habitually on the Google My Business page with updates, pictures, and other engaging content like videos and blogs. This helped the overall “weight” of the page, increasing its ranking amongst similar pages. To help add even more weight to the posts, we sought out other high-powered, niche-relevant sites and companies to acquire powerful endorsements, better known as backlinks.

These backlinks were put on a priority list to increase the site’s strength, which also drastically improved the site’s visibility in the search rankings. In addition to the backlinks, we scraped the entire site to be sure the meta descriptions, site titles, picture alt texts, image sizes, and internal links were all correctly optimized to maximize the visibility. And we also continually updated our list of top-level, site appropriate keywords to use as anchor texts to make sure the site showed up for the correct searches.

Lastly, we improved the site’s load speed by constantly searching for plug-ins, WordPress updates, or other technological advancements that help improve the SEO. A quicker load speed is a key factor in SEO, so we made sure we were always researching new ways to maximize the load speed of the site.


2019 Estimate2020 Estimate
2019 Estimate $ Total2020 Estimate $ Total


Our team began the SEO campaign in May of 2020, and almost immediately greatly increased the visibility of the Farha site. If you look at the numbers from May to September in 2019 and 2020, we increased the number of estimates from 7 to 80, or 1043%. And with that came an expected huge jump in the amount of total and average dollars in estimates. From May to September in 2019, we had a total of $40,194.92 in estimates given, for an average of $8,038.98 per month. In that same time span in 2020, we had a total of $713,703.88, for an average of $142,740.78. This is an increase of 1676% in just the short amount of time that we have been running the SEO campaign!

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