What to Look for In a Marketing Agency for Your Roofing Business

Choosing to give control over any piece of your roofing business to an outsider can be a little bit nerve wracking. Your business is your life’s work and you want to make sure that anyone you partner with is going to treat it with just as much care and respect as you would.

At Summa Media, we understand just how you feel. We’re a small business too and we’ve had to outsource a few pieces of our business as well. We know how important it is that you find someone you trust, like, and respect to feel good about the partnership.

Marketing tends to be a key function that roofers choose to outsource, but many of our clients weren’t sure what to look for in a marketing agency before first meeting with us. To help ensure that you pick the best possible team for your roofing company, we’ve composed this guide outlining exactly what to look for in a marketing agency. Check it out below!

What to Look for In a Marketing Agency for Your Roofing Business  

Look for a team that knows the industry

First thing’s first, you need to look for a marketing agency that understands the roofing and contracting industry and has worked with similar clients before. Marketing a roofing business is very different than marketing most other companies. It involves both traditional and modern practices, in person and digital strategies, and requires someone well-versed in both.

Do their service offerings and expertise match your pain points?

Although many marketing agencies offer similar services, no two are exactly alike. Consider the services and expertise that different agencies offer and choose the firm that best fits with what you need.

Price shouldn’t be the only factor

Having a budget is of course important, but it is good to remember that with marketing agencies you often get what you pay for. Reputable agencies will likely quote you with similar figures for similar services, if a quote from an agency comes in particularly low, it is important to ask why.

Do their core values match yours? 

Values in business are extremely important to the Summa Media team and we believe that you should only enter into partnerships with businesses whose values align with yours. Ask the agencies in consideration about their values and mission. When they are answer, you should think carefully about whether or not their values match yours and you feel they are being authentic in their answers.

Ask to see case studies

Just like your clients ask you to see case studies before they make a purchasing decision, you need to do the same with any marketing agency you are considering. Take a look at delivered solutions and quantifiable results in the case studies they present, do they align with the goals that you have for your business? Do they have experience solving the particular problem that you’re facing? You want a marketing agency that has demonstrated success in the specific areas you need help.

Always check references

Before signing a contract, always ask the marketing agency you’re considering for customer references that you can speak to directly. Ask these current customers about their experience working with the agency. Have they delivered the results that they promised? Do they meet deadlines? Are they quick to respond to emails? Is their team pleasant to work with? These are all good questions to ask before making a decision.

You genuinely like the team!

When choosing a marketing agency it is important that you like the team! You will be in regular contact with any good marketing agency that you choose, so it is important that they are a team that you will enjoy working with. If you don’t feel like you click with them in your early meetings, it is probably a sign that they aren’t the right team for you!

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If your roofing business is looking for a marketing agency to take some work off your plate, the Summa Media team would love to be considered. Please contact our team to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we can work together!


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